Raised Bed Garden Update

Here are some photo updates on my raised bed vegetable garden. Did you know that planting things such as garlic, onions, and herbs will flavor plants growing nearby?

I shouldn’t play favorites, bu this is admittedly my favorite of my four tomato plants.
This Basil plant was nearly dead in the house. I moved it to the raised bed garden and chopped it down to nothing. Now it’s thriving!
I’m using Jamie Oliver’s tip: I planted two kinds of Basil (Genovese + purple ruffle) to flavor the tomatoes growing on this plant. Mmm!
Isn’t it amazing that such a small plant can produce and support such a large bell pepper?
My cantaloupe plant is taking over my yard, spilling way out of the raised bed garden. (Rookie planting mistake.) We’ll see if the fruit is worth the space it takes up!

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