Grapevine Addition

I brought grapevines home from East Texas a month ago and finally added them to my patio. I think they complement the Japanese Yew and Sky Pencils nicely. (Please forgive the ugly patch of dead grass in this photo. I just sprinkled on grass seed.)

I love how these fanned trellises add a pop of color to the otherwise dull fence.
I have the romantic idea that someday, when the grapevines are mature, I’ll be dining out here with friends and we’ll be able to pluck grapes right off the vine. How decadent!
I have two different varieties (Moscatel, L, and Carlos, R) that will cross pollinate.

I laughed so hard when my Mom first referred to one grapevine as Carlos, even though that’s the variety’s name. I think the other needs a feminine name to match. What should I name the Moscatel grapevine?

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