First Zucchini Harvest, Served with Lemon-Garlic Panko Crusted Tilapia

My first home-grown zucchini went from garden to table in less than half an hour. You can’t beat that freshness! I’ve never had zucchini that was so creamy before. I adore the bright notes of sun-ripened, garden-fresh tomatoes, the perfect companion for Summer zucchini.

If you’ve never had tilapia from Whole Foods, you’re missing out. Whole Foods has the meatiest tilapia filets. Normally I don’t bread anything but every once in while, it’s a fun treat! I feel less guilty coating tilapia with bread crumbs, since tilapia is such a light fish to start with.

Today’s harvest! Not too many tomatoes were ripe today because I ate so many ripe ones over the weekend. 🙂 I perhaps plucked the cantaloupe too soon. I’m going to let it ripen on the counter for a few days.
This is my very first home-grown zucchini! It measured 5″. Jamie Oliver says to harvest when the zucchini is 4″, so I’ll try to pluck the next one sooner. I was anxious to see how it tasted!
Tonight I sauteed my zucchini with thyme and finished with a sprinkling of parmesan. The gorgeous, plump tilapia filets are from Whole Foods. The key to tilapia, in my opinion, is to add lemon zest to Panko crumbs (as I did tonight) or freshly ground almonds. I love to squeeze fresh lemon juice on top as well. Served with garden-fresh tomatoes over wild rice.

Stay tuned for news on my first cantaloupe harvest!

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  1. Love this! I’m actually not that familiar with Panko. Very interesting and delicious looking!

    1. Thank you! I love the garlic & herb Panko crumbs. Try them out and report back. 🙂 They really jazz up tilapia!

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