Butterfly Bench

I am absolutely in love with my new butterfly bench from Plow and Hearth. There’s one somewhere in Fort Worth; I know because tons of TCU students have photos of them sitting on the bench, looking like they have wings. The minute I saw this in the catalog, I knew I had to get it to celebrate my recent promotion.

As if this doesn’t perk up the yard enough, I can actually see the bench from my living room so it doubles as interior art!
I placed my butterfly bench is in front of my pomegranate tree, next toΒ my Dream Come True Rose and Disneyland Rose. (This would look more impressive if the roses were blooming.) I love the whimsy this corner boasts. It’s turning into a backyard fairytale!

I can’t wait for the roses and trees to grow tall around this lovely bench. Have you bought any new outdoor furniture lately?

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