Strawberries & Cookies in Warm Dark Chocolate Toffee Sauce

I’m having a love affair with toffee sauce all because I bought the Stonewall Kitchen variety on accident. I thought I grabbed two of their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sauce. (If you haven’t tried it, you must), and was a little disappointed when I got home and realized I had grabbed a Dark Chocolate Toffee Sauce instead. I’ve been enjoying it on homemade ice cream but one night, when a girlfriend of mine was over watchingย Sabrina, I decided to whip this up. It’s fast, simple, and elegant. ย I’m not including quantities here, since you could make this for one or twenty just as easily.

Pillows of freshly whipped Bailey’s cream never hurt dessert.

Strawberries & Cookies in Warm Dark Chocolate Toffee Sauce

Chill glass bowl & beaters at least half an hour before you want this dessert.
Wash fresh strawberries. Pat dry.
Crush a chocolate chip cookie or two into serving dishes.
Layer strawberries on top.
Whip heavy whipping cream in chilled glass bowl until soft peaks form. Add a spoonful of powdered sugar and a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream.
*Slowly warm Stonewall Kitchen’s Toffee Sauce in the microwave on a medium power level until smooth and liquified.
Pour toffee sauce on top of strawberries and crushed cookies.
Top with heaping pillows of whipped Bailey’s cream.

That’s it! Looking back, a sprinkling of cinnamon atop the cream would have enhanced the presentation of this dish. If you try that, tweet me a photo @krwatson!

*You could, of course, make your own toffee sauce. My mom makes a delicious toffee sauce in no time at all. But when Stonewall Kitchen’s is this good and already in your fridge, it’s too tempting to use it!

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