Estate Sale Treasures

I have loved antiquing since I was little, tagging along with my parents. I just love the history behind everything. I frequent antique shops (my favorites are in East Texas) but until yesterday, I had never been to an estate sale. I’ve been missing out! For just $45, I found the following treasures:

The framed, signed painting was just $5. The other two paintings (also signed) cost me just $6 each. The two Halloween decorations cost $2.60 total and will be cute on my Fall table. The pewter pedestal was the draw, but the Christmas candle was a nice bonus. The pewter pitcher was just $10 and could easily have been $40 at Pottery Barn. I can’t wait to fill it with flowers from my garden!
There’s something so calming about this painting. I like that effect. I hung it next to my elliptical in my gym, a wall that was previously blank. I hung the Wintry horse painting in a hallway and the Springy windmill painting in my guest room.

What treasures have you found antiquing?

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  1. truefinds says:

    I run estate sales for a living. You’re right! They are a great place to shop for anyone interested in bargains and unique items.

    1. What a fun job! What’s the best treasure you’ve ever found?

  2. truefinds says:

    I find a lot of interesting things to sell at estate sales, but I buy very little of it. This is partly because I don’t want to turn into a hoarder (this would be soooo easy) and partly because my need to possess something is at least partially satisfied by having it in my power for at least a little while before I sell it. I find what I might consider to be a treasure isn’t the same as many others. I love finding old diaries and letters. I love uncovering the back stories to people’s public lives. Don’t get me wrong, we have found things more commonly considered valuable, like hidden money and “lost” jewelry. We have also found plenty of things that the families may not want us to find, things of a more personal nature. It is definitely interesting work.

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