Over the Moon Basil Centerpiece

Two of my college girlfriends were coming over for brunch last Saturday and I needed a centerpiece in a pinch, but I only had three decent roses (of the Over the Moon variety) in my yard to snip. What’s a hostess to do?

Add basil! I blogged a while ago about using herbs as floral arrangements – a trick I learned from my mom – so this is not a new concept. This is the largest floral arrangement I’ve done with herbs to-date. I love the way the ruffled purple basil looks against the faded orange-yellow roses. Although not great for eating, purple basil is divine as a cut “flower”, lasting for weeks in the house. I’ve included a photo of the other side of the centerpiece, so you can see the classic Genovese basil.

Next time you think you can’t make a centerpiece with just three roses, remember: Just Add Herbs!


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