Discovering Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen Review

When Snap Kitchen asked me to come in and try their summer menu, I jumped at the chance. Originally based in Austin, Texas, Snap Kitchen has many of the same philosophies about food as The Rose Table: fresh, local, flavorful. The healthy grab-and-go brand now has twenty-two locations around Texas – six in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – and plans to expand outside the Lone Star State later this year, starting with Chicago.

Snap Kitchen Review

All recipes, created by executive chef Matt Reinhart, must be approved by a staff dietician and tested in stores for 1-3 weeks. Snaps in different areas offer different dishes because they try to utilize local farms as much as they can, something that I absolutely support.

Snap Kitchen Review

In order to provide healthy convenience, all offerings are categorized by breakfast, lunch, dinner, size, and special dietary needs. Lunch items tend to have carbs to give you enough energy to get through the day while the dinner items are mostly protein and veggies. The best part is that you can eat anything in their store and know that it’s nutritionally sound.

Snap Kitchen Review, Daniel Magoon | The Rose Table
Thanks for the tour, Daniel!

So, that’s “Snap in a Nutshell” as Daniel Magoon, Registered Dietician, says. His genuine smile and enthusiasm for Snap Kitchen adds to the overall charm of the store. With its neon green floors and hyper organized shelving system, my friend and I loved the clean, upbeat vibe inside the brand new Skillman & Mockingbird location in Dallas.

Snap Kitchen Review | The Rose Table

We tried a LOT of what Snap Kitchen has to offer: turkey chili, grass-fed bison quinoa hash, chicken and green chili enchiladas, spinach and goat cheese scramble, chimichurri chicken, crispy Scottish salmon, kale & watermelon salad, grass-fed buffalo meatballs and peppers, chicken butternut squash macaroni, cold-pressed black coffee, cold-pressed watermelon, green monkey smoothie, and even a chai cashew milkshake.

Snap Kitchen Review | The Rose Table

Lunch, pictured above, was awesome. The store has microwaves so we were able to heat up our selections (housemaid italian beef sausage and spirals for her, chicken butternut squash macaroni for me) in Snap Kitchen’s reusable BPA-free microwaveable containers. (They’re even dishwasher safe so keep them! Free tupperware!) The portions were not huge but we felt satisfied. My dish was well seasoned and creamy from the generous dollop of goat cheese. My friend’s dish popped with freshness.

Snap Kitchen Review | The Rose Table

After lunch, we tucked into strawberry goat cheese cheesecake with reduced strawberry balsamic drizzle. My friend said, “I don’t want to say it’s better than <insert popular cheesecake place here> BUT…” To say we were blown away by this cheesecake would be an understatement. This is what dreams are made of. I don’t think I could possibly walk through Snap Kitchen’s doors without picking at least one up.

Snap Kitchen Review | The Rose Table

We took a ton of Snap Kitchen items with us to the lake house to sample throughout the weekend. Standout favorites: grass-fed bison quinoa hash, chicken and green chili enchiladas, kale and watermelon salad. All three packed punch with flavor and texture. The hash was spicier than I normally like but it was so flavorful, I couldn’t help but love it. The carrots paired nicely with the almond-crusted salmon (I never think to pair the two!) and the texture of the tortillas made the enchiladas taste more like chicken crepes.

Snap Kitchen Cold-Press Watermelon | The Rose Table

The beverages are particularly fun. Their cold-pressed watermelon tastes exactly like you’re eating a juicy, summer-ripe melon. A little bird told me it’s fantastic with tequila for a cocktail. The chai cashew milkshake is divine: rich and cinnamon-y. My dad said, “This tastes like Thanksgiving!” I bet it would be great shaken up with some irish cream or amaretto. My mom particularly loved the cold-brew coffee, which she thoughtfully mixed up into an iced coffee for me to take on the boat.

My favorite part about Snap Kitchen though has to be the handsome fella rocking the most fabulous man-bun. If you stop by the Mockingbird & Skillman location, be sure and find out if he’s single for me.

Snap Kitchen Cold-Press Watermelon | The Rose Table

Happy snapping,

The Rose Table

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