Anthology Candles Makes Disneyland Themed Scents That Smell As Magical As They Sound

It’s no secret that I love Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth and everything about the park makes me incredibly happy. So when I came across the magical Disneyland-inspired scents of Anthology Candles, I had to order some. I picked three named after my favorite Disneyland rides (Soarin’ Over, The Matterhorn, The Black Pearl) and two that sounded simply delicious (Churros, Pumpkin Carriage).

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table

The candles arrived in record time with gorgeous labels. Look closely and you’ll notice that the scrolls on the side have Disneyland-themed symbols. The candles burn particularly well, especially if you let them burn for 4 hours each the first time so that the wax melts properly. None of the scents are overpowering the way some scented candles are. Instead they transport you right to the happiest place on earth. Expect to see these again on my holiday gift guide!

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table

Pumpkin Carriage

This is hand’s down the best pumpkin candle I’ve ever bought and I’ve burned a lot of pumpkin candles. I expect the reason is that it’s not pumpkin spice but just pure, unadulterated pumpkin. The description says it has a hint of marshmallow, which to me is the soft vanilla-like sweetness in the scent. It’s the perfect candle for fall so jump on it!

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table

Soaring Over

Inspired by the original Soarin’ Over California in Disneyland’s California Adventure, this scent will make any Disney lover feel like they’re back in that hang glider soarin’ over the orange grove. One of the best moments of the original ride – recently refurbished as Soarin’ Around the World – was the blast of sweetness that sprayed into the room as you glided over the orange trees. Mixed with the saltiness of the sea, this candle most smells like the ride that inspired it.

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table

The Black Pearl

Words can hardly even describe my love of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It’s my all-time favorite movie. I was a little nervous about this scent because anyone who’s yo-ho’d their way through the Disneyland ride knows that the cannonball scene smells a bit putrid. I wish my nose was distinguished enough to tell you what the scent actually is, since the Anthology website describes it as “Musty ‘Pirates’ Water, Mildewy Wood, Salty Sea Breeze, Cannonball Smoke” but I just can’t put my finger on any of the individual scents that make up The Black Pearl. I can tell you that it smells fantastic while burning. If you love the smell of a campfire in the winter, you’ll love this scent.

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table


If it was appropriate to eat a candle, I’d eat this one. A craving-inducing mix of cinnamon (one of my favorite scents on the planet) and sugary dough, this candle ought to come with a warning label that reads “CAUTION: May Cause Smeller to Buy Doughnuts Within the Hour.” I often limit cinnamon candles to fall/winter but because this isn’t straight cinnamon, you could burn this candle year-round.

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table

The Matterhorn

This is my favorite Anthology Candles product thus far. The scent captures the icy evergreens that come to mind when one thinks of zipping through the mountain on the classic Disneyland coaster. It’s a positively lovely winter scent without at all screaming Christmas the way other evergreen candles do. I’m trying to save this one for December/January/February but it’s just too fabulous not to burn!

Note: The Matterhorn is not currently available on the website BUT Anthology seems to swap scents out monthly so check back soon and snatch it as soon as it’s available!

Anthology Candles Review, Disneyland Candles | The Rose Table

Each candle is $18 or you can get a variety pack for $14 to try four scents at once. Browse the whole Disneyland line at Anthology Candles here. Want more Disneyland? Read about my last trip to the happiest place on earth here.

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