Disney Dinners: Cinderella Ball

An elegant ball with French flair inspired by Disney’s Cinderella  I quite literally had a ball on Saturday night. What a way to end my 12 Months of Disney Dinners series! I spent a whole year hosting Disney themed dinner parties for adults (see them all under the Disney Dinners tab here on my website)…

Bleu Stuffed Mushrooms

How gorgeous are these mushrooms!? I loved warm, cheesy stuffed mushrooms but cooking mushrooms in a ballgown just isn’t practical, so I served a chilled stuffed mushroom at my Cinderella Ball. Bonus? It’s *almost* sky blue, which was totally on theme! I gave them the adorable name Bibbidi Bobbidi Bleu Stuffed Mushrooms at the party….

French Cheese Board

I truly believe the key to happiness is hard meats and soft cheeses. You can quote me on that. This board combines a variety of French cheeses with salty cured meats, olives, fruits, preserves (Okay, fine, I forgot to set out the fig preserves. They’re still in my pantry!), and honey arranged beautifully with herbs….

Tortilla Roll Ups

My mom has been making tortilla roll ups as long as I can remember. I make them for most big parties I host because they’re so fast and easy to make and it’s a filling appetizer that requires no cooking. It’s the perfect make-ahead party appetizer. They’re actually even better the day after you make…

Grilled Ratatouille Pasta Salad

An easy pasta salad inspired by one of my favorite French dishes! Ratatouille is one of my favorite French dishes. The simple stew has just a few ingredients: eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, parsley, and basil. I’ve taken some of those ingredients and turned them into a delicious pasta salad that can be made ahead for easy entertaining….

Marinated Shrimp

An impressive party appetizer My mom has been making this forever and I finally made my own version of it for my Cinderella Ball. It’s such a great party recipe because it ups the flavor profile of shrimp but it’s still as easy as whisking. If you can whisk, you can make this recipe! Update:…

Veggie Platter

Don’t knock a veggie platter even at the fanciest of gatherings. Why? So many party dishes are rich and cheesy that many guests welcome some raw veggies to lighten things up. Paired with doctored up hummus and ranch (my homemade tzatziki would be wonderful too!), this is an easy thing to put together. I served…

Cinderella Cake

I know you, I ate a slice once upon a dream I came up with this show-stopping Disney Cinderella Cake for my Cinderella Ball. Three layers of dark chocolate cake are smothered with vanilla frosting tinted sky blue and topped with a glass slipper. It would of course be delicious at an occasion decorated differently!…

Dream Come True Cupcakes

Dreamy almond cupcakes frosted like roses I don’t care what every chef on every cooking show says, I adore almond extract. These cupcakes taste like super moist wedding cake and who doesn’t want a great slice of wedding cake? I came up with these for my Cinderella Ball and decorated them with sky blue roses….