I love hearing from my readers. Here the answers to some frequently asked questions!

Can I book a table at The Rose Table? No, sorry. The Rose Table is not a restaurant. It’s a website and online show. I only cook for my friends at my own home, then post the recipes here for you to make for your friends at your home!

Have you always been this extra? Yes. Ask my mother!

What’s your favorite type of cuisine? Easy. Greek food! The Mediterranean in general holds my heart. I’m also partial to Californian cuisine. My mama’s Californian and I was raised on farm-to-table fare. 

Do you have a favorite cooking method? Grilling! I just love to grill. It’s fun, it’s healthy, and the clean up is so simple. Anything that gets me out of dishes, I love.

Grilled Lobster Tails with Ginger Lime Beurre Blanc

Sweet or savory? I’m a sweets girl all the way.

What kind of horses do you have? A Friesian and an American Saddlebred.

Your horse looks enormous. Is she really that big? Yes, yes she is. 

Friesian Horse Wendy | The Rose Table

What kind of equipment do you cook with? I have a gas stove that runs very hot so I adjust my temperature description in my recipes. I have a convection oven, Kitchenaid mixer, and a simple stand mixer. I don’t use my immersion blender every week but when you need it, you need it so I recommend investing in one if you’re a cook. I have both a gas and charcoal girll.

The Rose Table Season One | Food Video Series, Original Recipes

What’s your favorite drink? Champagne! I love wine, bourbon, and rum. I am passionate about pacing oneself though so please, drink responsibly! 

Where are you located? I live in the Dallas area.

You’re from Texas! Have you ever been to Southfork? Why yes I have. You can read all about it here.

Southfork Dallas Tour, Things to do in Dallas | The Rose Table

What kind of dog do you have? A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Henry.

Do you have a favorite recipe? I’ve truly never had better chicken than my Roasted Chicken. I also adore my Fideos and Steamed Mussels. Ooh and my Serendipity Style Sandwich for lunch! For dessert, my Bananas Foster Cake is awfully epic.

The Rose Table's Roasted Chicken 

Serendipity Style Turkey & Brie Sandwich | The Rose Table

How do you eat like this every day? It’s a common misconception that I eat three course meals morning, noon, and night. I usually have poached eggs, fruit, or yogurt and granola for breakfast. For lunch, it’s usually a salad, panzanella, or leftovers. If you don’t see what I’m eating, it’s probably because I’m eating a salad. I eat a lot of salads in any given week and yet have very little posts about them. I should get on that! Dinner is where I have the most fun. I eat seafood most often, followed by chicken. My default dinner is something on the grill with veggies.

Do you get nervous before going on TV? Every time.

What are your top entertaining tips? Never make a recipe for other people that you haven’t made for yourself first. The other day I grilled a bunch of tiny pizzas for myself because I had never grilled pizza before and wanted to practice before I tried making them for other people. Set the scene with some nice background music and candles. It goes a long way! The best compliment I ever receive is, “Your house is so relaxing!” If you really want to make dinner special, eat in courses. It feels so decadent!

Where did you come up with the idea for Disney Dinners? I saw a photo of a table on Instagram in fall 2017 with a red apple and it reminded me of Snow White. I couldn’t get it out of my head, this table that reminded me of a Disney movie. Then I had a dream that I hosted a Disney dinner party. I woke up and it hit me like a bolt of lightning: one year of Disney themed Dinner parties! 

Disney Dinner Party Food Ideas | The Rose Table

What’s your favorite part of the day? My first cup of coffee. I stroll through the garden to see what’s changed and sit under the trees with my dog and just listen to the quiet while I drink that first cup. No cell phone, no work, just quiet. It’s magical.