Indigo at Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation Nevis Review | The Rose Table

Let’s talk about the cutest island pool bar: Indigo at Montpelier Plantation and Beach on Nevis. First of all, the pool at Montpelier is stunning and photos really don’t do its size justice. I did laps one morning and kept looking up in disbelief to see how far away the edge was! It’s nestled neatly next to Montpelier’s 300 year-old sugar mill. Is there a cooler place to drink fresh coconut water?

Montpelier Plantation Nevis Review | The Rose Table

Montpelier Plantation Nevis Review | The Rose Table
Montpelier Plantation Nevis Review | The Rose Table
Fresh coconut by the pool

The food is basically everything I want in an island lunch. It’s fresh and fun and is satisfying without weighing you down. Here are a few of my favorite dishes:

Lobster Cocktail

This dish tastes a lot like a fancy lobster chicken salad. It feels decadent while still being swimsuit friendly. It’s served with diced mango and red bell pepper in a little plantain basket.

Montpelier Plantation Nevis Review | The Rose Table
Lobster cocktail at Indigo
Root Chips

A mix of crunchy sweet potato, plantain, and other root vegetable chips are served with creamy guacamole. Sweet potato chips were my favorite! I could nosh on this by the pool any day of the week.

Root Chips Indigo Montpelier Plantation

Lobster Sandwich

This is similar to a chicken salad sandwich. The ciabatta is so soft and it’s served with truffle fries. I highly recommend this sandwich.

Fried Banana

I would just kill for another bite of this right about now! This dessert is absolutely worth getting on a plane for.  It’s atually not too heavy at all with just one scoop of ice cream. The banana is incredibly crunchy and packed with cinnamon flavor. In my notes (yes, I type out dining notes on vacation – how else could i possibly remember to tell you everything?!) I actually wrote in all caps, “GET THE FRIED BANANA! Omg.” Not my most eloquent note, but there you have it.

Montpelier Plantation Nevis Review | The Rose Table
Fried banana at Indigo
Caribbean Lovers

Meet my Caribbean love. This is hands down one of the best rum cocktails I’ve ever had. I don’t even want to admit to you how many of these I gleefully drank with in Nevis. The bartender told me he would happily do a Facebook live to show you all how to make but I ran out of time! Maybe if I ask really nicely, Montpelier Plantation will share the recipe with us. A rum lover can dream! In the meantime, if you find yourself on the island of Nevis, head to Montpelier Plantation and order a Caribbean Lovers. Cheers!

Caribbean Lovers at Montpelier Plantation

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