St. Croix Dining: 40 Strand Eatery

Congratulations to 40 Strand Eatery in Christiansted, Saint Croix for being one of my top ten favorite meals. Hidden on a quiet street across from the historic Hotel St. Croix, 40 Strand Eatery rivals New Orleans in old world charm. The restaurant is in a three hundred year-old building that was converted from sugar plantation slave quarters in the early 1900s. An intimate little gem with exposed brick and candlelight, I would dine at 40 Strand Eatery every week if it was in Dallas (and not just because Jeff happens to be the most attractive server in the Caribbean).

My friend Sarah and I had the pleasure of dining at 40 Strand on our recent trip to Saint Croix (more on that later) and we have not stopped talking about how much loved our meal. The menu is refreshing, local, seasonal, and innovative. Everything was perfectly seasoned. Clearly the locals love this restaurant: it was packed by 8 pm on a Tuesday. Here are some of the must-order items at 40 Strand Eatery.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review 40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review 40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review 40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review

The Rose Table’s Favorite Dishes

Bread & Butter

Don’t discount the rolls! This is the roll you want with Thanksgiving dinner. To quote Despicable Me, it’s so fluffy, I could die! The scallion butter is phenomenal melted on the warm, soft white roll. It melts in your mouth.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Bread and Butter with Scallion Butter

Caprese Salad

This is not your typical caprese salad. Served on a long white platter, there’s enough here to serve 2-4 if you’re getting other appetizers. Thick slices of mozzarella, tomato, and avocado, are sprinkled with sliced almonds and fresh basil. It’s the sweet red wine gastrique that puts it over the edge.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Caprese Salad
40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Caprese Salad

Local Clams

We passed Altona Lagoon on our way from The Buccaneer Hotel to Christiansted. Only a few fisherman, we’re told, are able to harvest clams from the Lagoon and 40 Strand was able to get their hands on some. Served with an incredible sour orange sauce and garlic bread to sop it all up, these meaty clams are tossed with cilantro, tomatoes, and onions. Sarah said this was her favorite dish we had on all of Saint Croix.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review

Panko-Crusted Local Mahi Mahi

We have the good fortune to be on Saint Croix during Mahi Mahi season. That happens to be one of my favorite kinds of fish so I was a happy camper. Crunchy with a panko exterior, the mahi mahi  is served with broccolini, rice, and kimchi on top. It’s quite light, which is great if you want to get the mac ’n’ cheese as a side.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Panko-Crusted Mahi Mahi

Mac ’n’ Cheese

Order the mac ’n’ cheese. Just trust me on this. 40 Strand has a build-your-own mac ’n’ cheese situation (we got shrimp and bacon) and a proprietary cheese blend that’s perfectly thick and dreamy. Sarah said she has in fact eaten mac ’n’ cheese by <insert famous chef’s name here> and 40 Strand beats it by a mile. The mac ‘n’ cheese could easily feed six people but also keeps nicely if you want to, say, eat it cold outside the airport before flying home because it’s just that good.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Passionfruit and Mango Crème brulée

If you want a tropical dessert, look no further than the passionfruit and mango crème brûlée during mango season. It has a crunchy top and is garnished with star fruit, whipped cream, and an unexpected caramel sauce.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Passionfruit and Mango Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Banana Rum Cake

40 Strand Eatery is known for their rum cakes and it’s easy to see why. They are unbelievably moist, almost reminiscent of tres leches. It’s everything that a rum cake should be. You get the flavor without the sharp taste of alcohol. The rum complements the chocolate and makes it taste mysteriously more chocolate-y. We couldn’t even speak while we were eating it. We only tried the chocolate banana rum cake but I can’t imagine you could make a bad call on which flavor to order. At one point I looked up to see Sarah quite literally gazing down at the rum cake. Need I say more?

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review
Chocolate Banana Rum Cake

40 Strand Eatery is absolutely not to be missed when you’re on Saint Croix. I did not put a single bad or even mediocre bite in my mouth. Run, don’t walk, to Saint Croix to enjoy this hidden gem for yourself. Thank you to Chef Rob for an extraordinary dinner.

40 Strand Eatery Saint Croix Review

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Disclaimer:  This article is intended to be a general resource. Any recommendations are based on personal opinion. A portion of this trip may have been compensated but opinions are my own, always. I’m not a fan of negativity so if I don’t like something, I don’t write about it. 


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