Dining Review: The Terrace and The Lounge at The Buccaneer

Christiansted is alive with sparkling lights in the distance. The sun sets dramatically over Saint Croix. The Caribbean breeze gently blows your hair as live music serenades you. This is the setting at The Buccaneer Hotel’s fine dining restaurant The Terrace and adjacent casual bar The Lounge. I was fortunate enough to dine at both while staying at The Buccaneer Hotel with my friend Sarah last month. I’m combining the two in one article because The Lounge and The Terrace share a few items, including starters and cocktails. They’re also in the same building at the top of the hill overlooking the resort.

Buccaneer St Croix Review | the Rose Table

Entering from this staircase, The Lounge is on the left. The dining room is a gorgeous, open-air room that feels oh so classy Caribbean. A large pirate ship mural hangs where the bands perform. A sparkly chandelier lights the room and fans keep the sea breeze rolling. Even the casual counterpart to The Terrace has white linen table clothes. The high top tables at The Lounge have amazing views but the wicker seats were a little difficult to position so I recommend grabbing a table with a view of the band.

Buccaneer St Croix Review | the Rose Table

Buccaneer Lounge Menu | The Rose Table

From our seat you could seeMermaid Beach, one of the golf course’s most stunning holes, palm trees, and the ocean.

View from The Lounge at The Buccaneer
View from The Lounge at The Buccaneer

Here’s a sample of the live music at The Lounge:

On the other side is The Terrace, The Buccaneer’s fine dining restaurant. It’s also where breakfast is served daily. (More on that later.) Sheer white curtains frame the space, making it feel almost dream-like. The tables by the railing have premiere views of the sunset. It’s jaw-dropping. You’ll want to get there early so you can study the menu and order before the sky starts turning orange. You won’t want to look down during the sunset!

The Terrace at The Buccaneer | The Rose Table

Sunset at The Buccaneer

And because a photo doesn’t even do it justice:

The menu has a surprising amount of meat dishes but don’t let that alarm you if you’re wanting seafood: The Terrace offers a couple of fresh catches every day. Our wonderful server Daniel informed us that we were there during Mahi mahi season. Lucky me! Mahi mahi happens to be one of my favorite kinds of fish. Here are some of my favorite menu items!

The Rose Table’s Favorite Dishes: 

Lamb Lollipops

My regular readers how dedicated I am to eating seafood when on an island so trust me when I say: the lamb lollipops are a must. Perfectly cooked and sticky with an apple jelly glaze, we could have happily made a meal out of this. Don’t ignore the side: the garlic creamed beans don’t sound like much they’re delicious. I truly cannot say enough good things about this dish. Sarah and I still talk about it!

Lamb Lollipops | The Rose Table

Mahi mahi ceviche

This ceviche is mild and not at all spicy. It’s a refreshing starter with large chunks of fresh mahi mahi and pineapple served with plantain chips, which could have been crispier for my taste. I would definitely count this dish as swimsuit friendly.

Mahi mahi ceviche

Lobster Toast 

Out of everything on the menu, I was the most excited to try this. It’s certainly satisfactory if you love lobster but if you have to choose one appetizer, go for the lamb lollipops. The lobster toast is poached lobster served with baguette crackers.

Lobster Toast 

Lobster Toast 
Mahi mahi ceviche on the left, lobster toast on the right

Red Snapper (Catch of the Day) at The Terrace

Chef Jason Thomas knows what he’s doing with snapper. I’m not even a fan of snapper and I loved this dish. The skin is crispy and the ginger marinade sings. Served with couscous and perfectly cooked asparagus, I found the sides refreshingly simple, as I often serve fish with couscous and asparagus at home. My compliments to the chef on the pineapple salsa. This whole dish is a playground of textures.

Red Snapper (Catch of the Day)

Tuna Tacos at The Lounge

I struggled putting this on the list because I don’t like spicy food and this dish is quite spicy but the tuna was so fantastic, I decided to tell you about it in case you do in fact like spicy things. My friend and travel companion Sarah does and she enjoyed the hell out of her tacos. In fact, this was high up on her list of favorite dishes on Saint Croix!

Tuna Tacos | The Rose Table

Salmon Burger at The Lounge

Served on brioche with avocado sauce and arugula, this is a generous amount of salmon. It’s a filling dish and the fries with shaved parmesan are incredible. I’m pretty sure no fry was left standing.

Salmon Burger | The Rose Table

Chocolate Brownie 

I know it sounds terribly boring to order a brownie for dessert and I really do try to order exotic, local, can’t-get-it-at-home kind of desserts to tell you about but what can I say? I was in a chocolate mood. The Terrace’s chocolate brownie is fudgy with a crinkly top and is served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a variety of fruits. It’s a great way to end a meal.

Chocolate Brownie | The Rose Table


Coconut Martini

Pairs beautifully with an epic Terrace sunset. I especially loved the toasted coconut on top!

Coconut Martini | The Rose Table

Von Scholten’s Mistress

A frozen blend of dark rum, pineapple rum, pineapple juice, and creme de coconut, this is refreshing on a warm day even if you don’t like coconut. Also, how fun is the name?

Von Scholten's Mistress | The Rose Table

Staying at The Buccaneer Hotel soon? Read about The Mermaid next!

Sunset at The Buccaneer Hotel | The Rose Table

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