Greek Food Festival of Dallas 2017

I had the most amazing night previewing the Greek Food Festival of Dallas! This is honest to goodness my favorite festival in Dallas-Fort Worth of the entire year. I first discovered this gem when I was in high school and I was hooked. All of my loyal readers know that Greek food is my favorite food on the planet. I studied abroad in Greece during college because I love the food just that much. Here is what’s not to be missed at The Greek Festival of Dallas this weekend!

The Rose Table at Greek Food Festival of Dallas

Feta Bites

Don’t even fight me on this. These are perfect pillows of feta heaven. You can get either traditional feta bites or spicy. I vastly preferred the traditional and not just because I’m not a fan of spicy but because the feta itself is so creamy and dreamy, it’s like a cloud. They’re served with fig preserves and raspberry chipotle preserves. I prefer the fig preserves with the traditional feta bites and the raspberry chipotle with the spicy. The latte is smokier than I expected and so great with the spice!

Feta Bites | The Rose Table
Plain feta bites
Feta Bites | The Rose Table
Which sauce to choose? I recommend the fig preserve with the traditional feta bites.
Feta Bites | The Rose Table
Feta. Heaven.
Feta Bites | The Rose Table
Spicy Feta Bites
Feta Bites | The Rose Table
The inside of the spicy feta bites.


This isn’t a surprise since spanakopita is one of my favorite Greek dishes. Spanakopita is a spinach pie with dozens of layers of phyllo dough lovingly brushed with olive oil. It’s flaky and actually quite healthy if you’re into that sort of thing.

Spanakopita | The Rose Table

Greek Fries

The fries at the festival have Greek seasoning on them and are served with chunks of feta cheese and tzatziki, a garlicky cucumber yogurt sauce. SIGN ME UP!

Greek Fries | The Rose Table

Lamb Lollipops

I sure have been talking about lamb lollipops a lot this week! The lamb lollipops here are tender and peppery. My friend Kat said it was hands-down her favorite dish of the night!

Lamb Lollipops | The Rose TableLamb Lollipops | The Rose Table


The pork souvlaki is perfectly seasoned and grilled to a smokey delight.

Souvlaki | The Rose TableSouvlaki | The Rose Table

Souvlaki | the Rose Table

Village Salad

Commonly called “Greek Salad” in America, the village salad has large hunks of tomatoes, cucumber, and sliced red onion tossed with feta cheese and Kalamata olives.

Village Salad | The Rose Table


The agora is also where you’ll find all of the Greek pastries, handmade by the fine folks of the Holy Trinity Church. I dream about the kourambiethes. They’re melt-in-your-mouth powdered sugar Greek wedding cookies. I may or may not have brought an entire box home with me.

Kourambiethes | The Rose Table

Kourambiethes | The Rose Table
In my natural habitat: picking out pastries.

Cooking Demos

The cooking demos are so fun! We watched a young Greek woman make tzatziki with her Greek father-in-law and those two could easily have their own cooking show. They were so entertaining! You also get to sample the dish after they’re done. (Spoiler alert: the tzatziki is delicious.) Get the cooking demo schedule here.

Cooking Demo at Greek Food Festival of Dallas | The Rose Table


The agora or “marketplace” at the Greek festival is not to be missed. There are copious Greek imports ranging from food products (get the olive oil! Greek olive oil is the best!) to jewelry and everything in between.


The Greek Food Festival of Dallas is open Friday, September 22 from noon to 11 p.m.; Saturday, September 23 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; and Sunday, September 24 from noon to 6 p.m. In addition to culinary delights, the Greek Food Festival of Dallas has live music, folk dancing, church tours, and more. It’s a wonderful celebration of Greek culture and tickets are only $6. Get yours here. For more information visit

Dancing at Greek Food Festival of Dallas Dancing at Greek Food Festival of Dallas

Greek Food Festival of Dallas ReviewGreek Food Festival of Dallas Review

P.S. The wine cooler pictured above is delicious. It tastes like adult fruit punch. I highly recommend a glass!

P.P.S. I didn’t get to try the baklava sundae tonight but it looks incredible so if you go this weekend, please order it and let me know how it is! I’m not a huge baklava person but the Greek Food Festival makes a mean one and I’m dying to try it in sundae form.

Baklava at Greek Food FestivalBaklava at Greek Food Festival

The Rose Table at Greek Food Festival of Dallas

It’s all Greek to me,

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