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It’s officially spring and I’ve got gardening on the brain! I am so delighted that my year-old roses are coming in strong and healthy thanks in part to the new feed program I have them on. I buy many of my roses as bareroot plants from Jackson and Perkins and for the first time ever, I am following their rose feed program and I have to say, my roses are sending up new growth that puts every other rose I’ve grown to shame. Here’s what I’m doing if you want to grow with me!

Best Rose Feed Program | The Rose Table
Check out this gorgeous new growth on Scentimental!

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Roses | the Rose Table

Early Spring: Jackson and Perkins’ Dynamite Rose Food

At the beginning of the season, you want a time release fertilizer. Jackson and Perkins’ Dynamite Rose Food is a granule that feeds over time, so you only want to feed once in the early spring to feed your roses through the fall. Apply when your roses first wake up and have their first sets of leaves appear. It takes no time to apply; just sprinkle a handful or capful at the base of the roots and you’re done!

Best Rose Feed Program | The Rose Table
Wish me luck!

Roses | the Rose Table

Every Three Weeks: Sea Magic

Seaweed helps grow strong and lush blooms, helps prevent diseases, makes roses more resistant to pests, and boosts a healthy root system. Sea Magic is a popular growth stimulant that can actually be used on many flowers and even your edible garden, as the product is entirely organic. Mix Sea Magic with warm water according to package directions and pour at the base of roses every three weeks throughout the season for healthy roses. You can actually water the leaves as well with this product. Repeat every 3-4 weeks throughout the entire growing season.

Bonus: Sea Magic supposedly helps fruits and vegetables tastes better due to increasing the natural levels of sugar content. I’ll let you know if I find that to be true in my garden!

Watch me use it:

Elegant Lady Rose | The Rose Table

Late Summer: Rose-tone fertilizer

Rose-tone fertilizer gives your roses an extra boost through the end of the season. You don’t want to reapply Dynamite at this time, or else it would keep feeding your roses throughout the winter when they should be dormant. Rose-tone is not a time release formula so it’s best in the late summer and it’s also entirely organic. This is another easy product to use: just sprinkle at the base of the plant and you’re done!

Next up: Game of Thorns! Every year at my old house I published a Game of Thorns article detailing which roses bloomed the first. I planted all of my current roses at my new house last spring, so the race is on to see who will win the Game of Thorns! I’ll keep you posted. Now tell me: what roses are in your garden?

Moondance Rose | The Rose Table

Scentimental Rose | The Rose Table

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