A refreshing Alice in Wonderland cocktail that’s as beautiful as it is tasty!

I planned on serving a classic Pimm’s Cup at Disney Dinners: Alice in Wonderland as a nod to the fact that Alice lives in Britain before she tumbles down to Wonderland. However, I was playing with ingredients one day, literally opening bottles of alcohol and giving them a sniff to see what would pair well with lemonade and my bottle of Courvoisier – left over from my Princess and the Frog party – caught my attention. I inhaled the rich scent and thought, this would be delicious with lemonade. Boy was I right!

Jabberwocky Disney Alice in Wonderland Drinks Cocktails

Jabberwocky Disney Alice in Wonderland Drinks Cocktails

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Photography by Darling Photography.This one of the prettiest, most delicious cocktails I’ve ever made. The Jabberwocky is very simple: one part cognac, three parts lemonade over ice with strawberries, cucumber slices, orange slices, and a sprig of lavender. I grow lavender in my garden and highly recommend doing so. It’s super easy and low maintenance.Jabberwocky Disney Alice in Wonderland Drinks Cocktails


You could certainly make your own lemonade – how great would that be?! – but I just bought good lemonade. If there’s one thing I learned from years of watch Barefoot Contessa, it’s that you don’t have to make every single thing from scratch when entertaining. Using the best available lemonade is great when you’re serving up three courses to guests and just don’t want to bother with lemonade too.

Jabberwocky Disney Alice in Wonderland Drinks Cocktails

What’s great about this is that you can build the drink directly in a glass or two or scale up and make a huge pitcher for a party. Those are my favorite kinds of cocktails! I also have to note: this was actually even better the next day, though the fruit was a little tired looking. Do NOT throw out leftovers. Enjoy the infused cocktail!

Jabberwocky Disney Alice in Wonderland Drinks CocktailsJabberwocky
1 part cognac
3 parts lemonade
Cucumber slices
Orange slices
Fresh lavender for serving

  1. If making individual cocktails, fill glass with some ice, pour in 1 part cognac, 3 parts lemonade. Add 2 strawberries, 3 cucumber slices, an orange slice, and a sprig of lavender.
  2. If making a pitcher, pour in 1 part cognac, 3 parts lemonade, half a carton of strawberries, half of a cucumber sliced, and two oranges sliced. Chill and serve over ice with lavender sprigs.

Jabberwocky Disney Alice in Wonderland Drinks Cocktails

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Alice in Wonderland Cocktail Ideas

I hope you love this delightful Alice in Wonderland cocktail as much as I do. Read more about Alice in Wonderland here. Watch the Alice in Wonderland episode of The Rose Table here:

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  1. What a fun drink, perfect for warm spring days!

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      Katie-Rose Watson

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly. 🙂

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