Lavender Dalgona (Whipped) Coffee

Lavender Dalgona Coffee

I adore lavender coffee. I feel like I’ve sampled every lavender latte Dallas has to offer. I keep homemade lavender sugar in my pantry and it made the most amazing dalgona coffee!

Lavender Dalgona Coffee

What is dalgona coffee? It’s a whipped coffee drink layered over milk with a 1:1:1 ratio (one part coffee, one part sugar, one part water). The whipped coffee craze has taken over the internet with mixed reviews. Many say it’s too sweet (I disagree) or too difficult but those people are trying to whip it with a spoon (what?!) in a shallow bowl. What in the world? You have to whip this the same way you’d whip cream: either with a hand mixer or with a whisk in a deep bowl with lots of gusto. With a hand mixer, this takes literally two minutes. And look how pretty it is!

Lavender Dalgona Coffee

Lavender Dalgona Coffee

You spoon the whipped coffee in a glass filled with milk and ice and, while it’s damn pretty to see the caramel-colored whipped goodness layered with stark white milk, I prefer to drink it all mixed up with the milk. The dalgona makes the milk super thick and creamy when it’s incorporated.

Lavender Dalgona Coffee
Lavender Dalgona Coffee
2 Tbsp instant coffee
2 Tbsp homemade lavender sugar

2 Tbsp warm water
Glass of milk

  1. Put the lavender sugar through a sieve to reserve the lavender buds, reserving the buds for garnish. Beat coffee, lavender-scented sugar, and warm water with a hand mixer for two minutes until pale and fluffy.
  2. Fill a glass with ice and milk. Top with whipped lavender coffee. Garnish with reserved lavender buds. Mix slightly and enjoy!

Watch me make it:

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Lavender Dalgona Coffee

Stay calm and drink coffee,

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