Soley Coco Slick

Soley Recipe

When my friend Ashley asked me if I could create a recipe for Soley, I had never heard of the stuff before but man am I addicted now! It’s basically alcoholic juiced fruit that’s freaking delicious on its own or mixed as a cocktail. It’s distilled from sugar cane, kept in the fridge, and is available nationwide at liquor stores. There are currently three flavors: mango, pomegranate, and coconut. Here’s a simple and decadent three-ingredient dessert cocktail using Soley Coco, which is a blend of whole coconut (both pulp and milk).

Soley Recipe

Soley Coco Slick
Serves 1
4 oz Soley Coco
2 oz Dark Chocolate Godiva Liquor
1 oz Bailey’s

  1. Shake all ingredients together and strain in a short glass with ice.

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