Strawberry Breeze

I actually exclaimed, “OMG!” when I took a sip of this cocktail for the first time. It’s that tasty. I happened to have some strawberries, leftover lemonade, and mint in the garden and needed a cocktail to go with my Fettuccine with Mussels and Bacon for dinner with my friend Irene. I had been wanting to play with my new bottle of Still Austin American Gin and thought the flavors might go well. I was honestly blown away by how tasty this cocktail is.

Strawberry Breeze Still Austin Gin Cocktail

I cannot say enough things about Still Austin’s American Gin. Already smitten with their bourbon, I was excited to try their gin but also a little hesitant because I’m not really a gin person. Turns out I just hadn’t had amazing gin yet! The Naturalist tastes like elderflower liquor to me. One sip of this gin, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a field of flowers, sunshine on your face, breeze blowing through your hair. That’s why I named this drink (okay, why Irene named this drink) Strawberry Breeze.

Strawberry Breeze Still Austin Gin Cocktail

Strawberry Breeze Still Austin Gin Cocktail

Note: if you use another type of gin, add a splash of elderflower liquor to mimic the divine flavor of The Naturlist.

You could use homemade lemonade and that would be even tastier but I just used a bottle of lemonade I had in the fridge and it was amazing! I’m absolutely in love with this drink and plan on drinking it all summer long, preferably in the pool or while wearing a fabulous floppy hat.

Strawberry Breeze Still Austin Gin Cocktail

Strawberry Breeze
2 strawberries
4-6 mint leaves
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 oz Still Austin American Gin
4 oz lemonade
Ice to fill

  1. Cut strawberries into pieces and place in a glass with mint leaves.
  2. Pour simple syrup over the strawberries and mint. Muddle in the glass.
  3. Add gin and lemonade and stir. Top with ice.

Note: To make simple syrup, simply add equal amounts water and granulated sugar (such as 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar) in a pan and cook over medium heat until sugar has completely dissolved. It lasts several weeks in the fridge. I always have simple syrup in the fridge!

I made this recipe in an episode of The Rose Table. Watch me make it:

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Strawberry Breeze Gin Cocktail for Summer


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