Garden Update: August

My Summer vegetable garden is nearly spent. Soon I’ll pull up the plants and refill the garden with cool weather goodies such as beets, potatoes, and peas. In the meantime, here’s an update on some of my favorite plants:

Who says Elegant Ladies aren’t tough?! It’s late August and my Elegant Lady rose bush still has two gorgeous blooms AND two rosebuds.

My blackberry bush nearly died in the frontyard. I hacked all the dead off and moved it to the back patio, where it’s happy as can be.
There are four rosebuds on my Over the Moon rose bush and one more tiny bud just coming in. This is the tallest of my backyard roses. Can’t wait for all these to open this weekend!

Love this shot of my Over the Moon roses just starting to bloom.
My grapevines are loving their new neighborhood! They nearly died closer to the house but they’re thriving on the flagstone patio.

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