Thorny Thursday

Lament that roses have thorns or rejoice that thorns have roses.

In my opinion, a perfect rose is one of life’s greatest pleasures and treasures. On this Thorny Thursday, I wanted to feature four of my favorites.

Queen Elizabeth
IMG_0285.JPGThis pink stunner grows behind my butterfly bench, next to Golden Celebration. (Fitting, don’t you think?) I ordered Queen Elizabeth from Jackson & Perkins just two springs ago and it already stands about 3.5 feet tall.

Lion’s FairytaleIMG_0287.JPGI went on a quest to find this magical rose after seeing it featured in the Fairytale Rose section of I was smitten and had to have it. I found it at a nursery in Tyler, Texas called Chamblee Rose Nursery. They shipped it to me in gorgeous condition and it proved to be one of the most prolific roses in my garden. A German-bred rose, Lion’s Fairytale stayed green and lovely all winter long. It’s only a year in the ground but it stands at a rotund 2.5 feet tall.

Dream Come True
IMG_0284.JPGI shouldn’t play favorites with my roses, but just look at that coloring. Bleeding roses are, in my opinion, the most special kind of roses. I will say though, Dream Come True doesn’t hold a candle to Lion’s Fairytale when it comes to fragrance. Also from Jackson & Perkins, Dream Come True is the fastest growing rose in my garden, standing nearly 5 feet tall in just two years.

Elegant Lady
IMG_0281.JPGNamed after Princess Diana, Elegant Lady is true to its name. The softest shade of pink with a lovely scent, you wish you could just wear this rose as a perfume. I also found Elegant Lady at Jackson & Perkins.

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