Visiting Winnsboro, TX

Winnsboro, TX may not be on your list of places to visit, but if you love small southern towns with a whole lot of heart, it should be. My parents have a lake house in East Texas and whenever I visit, I love popping over to the quaint  nearby town of Winnsboro.

Lunch at Liefie Li Vine

Liefie Li Vine is a total surprise. Who, pray tell, expects to find an amazing South African restaurant in East Texas? If the weather is nice, eat on the patio. There’s a babbling waterfall, pictured above, and grapevines that surround outside diners. On the weekends, there’s even live music in the evening.

You must get the tapas platter to start. Don’t overthink it. Just order it and thank me later. We literally get it every time we go. It always comes with baguette, salami, cheese, olives, grapes, quiche, frikadelle (meatballs), and delicious dipping oil. If you love little bites, you’ll love this selection.

My personal favorite lunch item is the Smoked Chicken Panini with – get this – cheddar, cream cheese, and cranberries. Cranberries! So unexpected and perfect with the juicy smoked chicken. It comes with a delightfully fresh side salad.

Another favorite is the smoked salmon salad. Everything at Liefie’s is marinated and cooked to perfection. This salmon, while seemingly humble, tastes sophisticated.

Another must is the brownie. Brownie isn’t even a fair description of what they put in front of you. I’m a bit of a brownie snob and this does not disappoint. It’s much more fudgy than it is cake-like. The pretzel crust puts this dish over the top. They’ve recently updated the dish with whipped cream and a strawberry garnish, as pictured below.

For me, the star of Liefie’s is the cappuccino. This is the best cappuccino I’ve ever had. I sit in Fort Worth dreaming about this cappuccino. It’s smooth and creamy and almost chocolatey in nature with a hint of cinnamon. Recently the serveware has been updated and a caramel drizzle has been added. I’m not complaining!

Ladles to Linens

If kitchen gadgets are your thing, be sure to stop in Ladles to Linens and say hi to shop owner Lyndi. This charming shop is jam-packed with wonderful finds for food lovers, from a variety of gourmet salts and truffles to cookbooks and cutting boards. I especially love the kitchen towel selection.

You wouldn’t expect to find cute clothing in a kitchen shop but Ladles to Linens carries the soft-as-butter Lake Girl line. Yesterday I picked up the yellow anchor t-shirt and yellow paddle sweatshirt.

Mom was all smiles leaving Ladles to Linens. Next stop/ Beauweevil’s!


I found countless treasures – big and small – at Beauweevil’s, including my floor-length dining room mirror and my turquoise China cabinet. Named after the friendly cat that calls the shop home, Beauweevil’s is a favorite destination for everyone who visits the lake house.

The front room is almost always my favorite, as it often has whimsical, Alice in Wonderland type pieces. This room is where I first laid eyes on my beloved China cabinet.

If whimsical isn’t your taste, Beauweevil’s has room after room of gorgeous antiques. I especially love the endless supply of vases. Yesterday I picked up a wooden serving bowl, fleur de lis bell, and a hand mirror with a Victorian scene painted on the back.

The shop also supports local artisans. While I was admiring this painting, Holly here introduced herself as the artist who painted it. I absolutely adore knowing where things come from – one reason I frequent farmers markets – and very much appreciated getting to shake her hand. Email Holly at to inquire about her artwork.

If you stop in, be sure and pet the very friendly cat and say hello to shop owners Lee and Loyal. Tell them their favorite redhead from Fort Worth sent you! Don’t forget to like Beauweevil’s on Facebook – they have a great page!

Happy exploring,
The Rose Table

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  1. Sarah Blackmon says:

    I’m so glad you enjoy my hometown! I also live in Ft Worth and often find myself day dreaming about many of the wonderful things Winnsboro, Tx has to offer. My family owns a Lakehouse on Lake Winnsboro and we try to visit as often as possible. We stayed there over spring break but I didn’t go to town to shop around. You’ve reminded me of how wonderful it is to visit downtown! Great blog!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sarah! I always enjoy going into town. It turned out to be an unexpected bonus of the lake house!

  2. Janice Schma says:

    Katie, thank you for reaching out to us at Clara Ida Frances in Winnsboro, TX. I love your blog and want to spend more time later reading more. I am originally from a small town in Iowa and found Winnsboro while raising our sons in the Dallas area and then bringing them to the lake on weekends. Finding another small town to call home was my goal after they graduated. I think Winnsboro is very charming and will continue to touch travelers hearts while embracing it’s own locals. We would be happy to entertain your idea with a June salt tasting. I found your favorite salt while spending time in my husband’s home Carmel, CA. His family is large and they all cook and some are chefs. In fact, Katie Schma is opening a Restuarant in Ft. Worth called the Local Foods Kitchen in middle June. Anyway, please share more of your thoughts with me. Thank you again for blogging about your visit to Winnsboro, we are blessed by your love and talent to blog. Janice Schma, owner.

  3. Teryl Schoeberl says:

    Thank you for the lovely article of our town. Winnsboro has been our home for six years this June. Small town living at its best. Liefies is my favorite ladies lunch spot! I also love The Rooster which has amazing filet mignon.
    Ladles and Linens is also Flowerland now, new owners same great place. Lorrie Hazelwood and Linda Gibson, Amanda Crabb and Tina Satterwhite are the best in design of flowers for any occasion.
    I think next time you are at Liefies try the Ice Cream with Marula ….oh my!!

    1. So glad you loved the article! I’ve never tried The Rooster nor the Marula Ice Cream at Liefie’s. I’ll add both to my list! I plan on spending lots of time in east Texas this spring and summer. 🙂

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