TRT Loves: Homegrown Herb Garden by Lisa Baker Morgan and Ann McCormick

Homegrown Herb Garden, Quarry Books | The Rose TableI recently got my hands on a book that’s a cookbook-gardening book hybrid and loved it! It’s a great afternoon read on a rainy day. Morgan and McCormick make an herb garden sound simple (it is!) in their easy-to-follow tips. The descriptions are on-point; you don’t have to wade through paragraphs to find what you’re looking for. It’s well organized and a great resource for novice gardeners.

026onionchivesThe first nineteen pages are dedicated to the herb growing guide. For each herb featured, the book covers care and feeding, how to grow it in small spaces (not something I have to worry about here in Texas where we have nothing but land), harvesting tips, and helpful hints. Notably missing though are lavender and oregano, the two herbs that I struggle with growing. I always cut bushels of oregano when I visit my parents’ lake house. They have an endless supply!

Guacamole and Confit Duck Tacos, page 76-77

After a brief review of preserving and freezing herbs, the book jumps into section two: in the kitchen. This section was a total surprise based on the title of the book. I didn’t expect to get such a great overview of cooking with herbs! The most valuable information in this book, in my opinion, is the pairing recommendations. My friends often ask me how I know which herbs to use when I’m cooking. The truth is, I don’t remember NOT knowing that rosemary is delicious with potatoes (thanks, Mom!) but if you didn’t grow up in the kitchen, this book is a fantastic resource.

Venetian Seafood En Papillote, page 88-89

Following each herb’s cooking guide is a series of gorgeous recipes that feel delightfully Californian in spirit. The recipes highlight various ways to maximize your homegrown herbs. If you want new healthy staples, this book has come great ones. Plus a delicious sounding Mascarpone Frosting that I just may have to use on my Easter cake!

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Photos courtesy of Quarry Publishing.

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