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Fairy Tale Corner | The Rose Table

My roses are as happy as I am that it’s September! Gone are 100+ degree days and to celebrate, my garden has showered me with blooms. Won’t you take a walk with me?

Lion’s Fairy Tale

Lion's Fairy Tale | The Rose tableCan you blame this little guy for hanging out on this bloom all day?Lion's Fairy Tale Rose | The Rose Table

This rose is such a show-stopper. It’s covered in blooms, it stays green all winter long, and it’s giving the tree next to it a run for its money in height. It has to be nearing five feet tall and it’s just a couple of years old.

Lion's Fairy Tale Rose | The Rose Table

I shouldn’t play favorites with my roses but…it’s just the easiest keeper and look at those fluffy cream-to-white petals.Lion's Fairy Tale Rose | The Rose TableIf you want to read about my love and adoration for Lion’s Fairy Tale rose, read Game of Thorns.


Beloved | The Rose Table

Beloved is making a comeback! Many of my newer roses had a rough season because of the standing water we had in May and June. Roses absolutely do NOT like having their feet wet. I’m happy to report though, I don’t think we lost ANY! They all have new growth this autumn. That’s the thing about roses. They’re stronger than they look!

Cherry Parfait

Cherry Parfait Rose | The Rose tableCherry Parfait roses look quite read when they’re buds but open up to reveal white centers.

Cherry Parfait Rose | The Rose Table

Cherry Parfait starts out mostly red but the white bleeds to the edges the longer the rose is open.

Cherry Parfait Rose | The Rose TableCherry Parfait Rose | The Rose Table


Sundance Rose | The Rose TableSundance is such a happy rose. It’s more gold than yellow and pairs beautifully with Mister Lincoln.

Mister Lincoln

Mister Lincoln | The Rose Table

I swear to you, I did not edit this photo. It’s just that vibrant of a rose. And it smells DIVINE. If I could bottle this and spritz it on my neck before I leave the house every morning, I would.

Dream Come True

Dream Come True rose | The Rose TableAnother bleeding rose favorite, Dream Come True packs a lot of color into hybrid tea roses.


Cinderella rose | The Rose Table

Cinderella is a miniature rose conveniently located next to my Disneyland rose.


Disneyland | The Rose Table

Disneyland, a cheerful little rose right in front of my butterfly bench. It’s named Disneyland because it’s the official rose of the park.

Malabar Spinach

Malabar Spinach | The Rose Table

I adore this stuff. It’s just so different! This is edible spinach that reaches for the sky. It’s so fun to look at and it’s satisfying to grow. Pots are difficult to keep alive during the summer in Texas and this has managed to thrive with very little attention from me.

Malabar Spinach | The Rose Table

The seeds turn black and fall into the pot, thus reseeding itself to become next year’s malabar spinach. This is the perfect climber for lazy gardeners like me!

Malabar Spinach | The Rose Table

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for winter veggie planting! I’ve got a box full of heirloom seeds on its way from GrowJourney by Tyrant Farms and I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt.

Happy gardening,

The Rose Table
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