Fun and Easy S’Mores Bar

S'mores Bar Ideas

I always keep certain things in my house so if someone drops by unexpectedly, I can pull together dessert at the drop of a hat. I can always make homemade ice cream or at least whip some cream to serve with fruit. Now that I have a fire pit (more on that later), I keep s’mores ingredients on hand. The other night I decided to have an impromptu gathering with friends around the fire pit and put a s’mores bar together. It was so fast and easy, it’s hardly even a recipe, but here you go!

S'mores Bar Ideas

Update: Learn how to make homemade vanilla marshmallows here and maple marshmallows here.

S'mores Bar Ideas

The key here is variety. Think outside the box. I had a variety of chocolate bars, including pure dark chocolate, dark chocolate caramel, milk chocolate stout caramel, dark chocolate sea salt, plus milk chocolate peanut butter cups. (If you’ve never had a peanut butter cup in a s’more, you’re missing out.) Have a couple of spreads on hand so people can build all sorts of combinations. I had fresh local honey and creamy peanut butter. Blackberry jam or chocolate hazelnut spread would also be delicious!

S'mores Bar Ideas
Fun and Easy S’mores Bar
Graham crackers
2-3 different flavored marshmallows (I love vanilla and maple)
4-5 kinds of chocolate bars
Honey, peanut butter
More ideas: sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, jam, Nutella

  1. Decant everything and arrange on a tray to make it festive. That’s it! Now you’re ready to roast your marshmallows and build your dream s’mores.

S'mores Bar IdeasS'mores Bar IdeasS'mores Bar Ideas

How to Build a S'mores Bar | The Rose Table

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