Tropical Fruit Platter

This is hardly a recipe but I’ve had a lot of requests for simple serving ideas like this so here you go! Saving the pineapple top really adds a lot to your platter.

Tropical Fruit Platter | The Rose Table

P.S. I wanted to add mango to this but my store’s mangos weren’t ripe at all. Ugh! If you find delicious mangoes, cut the cheeks off, slice into cubes but not all the way through and fan out like a fancy pinecone.

Tropical Fruit Platter | The Rose Table
Photo credit: Brandon Baker, Brandon Does Dallas

Tropical Fruit Platter
1 pineapple
1 orange

3 kiwis
Handful blackberries
Handful strawberries

  1. Cut the ends off of the pineapple. Save the top for your serving platter. Cut sides from pineapple. Cut four slices around the core and discard core. Cut pineapple spears into cubes.
  2. Cut orange into wedges and/or slices. Add to platter.
  3. Peel kiwi and cut into cubes. Add to platter.
  4. Add strawberries and blackberries to platter.

Tropical Fruit Platter | The Rose Table

Read more about this brunch here.

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