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Kendra Sanders knows pudding. According to the website, she founded Pudding on Smiles in 2016 to bring people the world’s greatest pudding and she’s done just that. This is damn good pudding, people. The business is family-owned and each jar is handcrafted with layers of cookie crumbles and ridiculously rich pudding.

Pudding on Smiles Review | The Rose Table

The pudding itself almost reminds me of a no-bake cheesecake in texture. Don’t picture the instant mix kind of pudding. This is real, old-fashioned, knock-your-socks-off pudding. It’s not even fair to say that the pudding is layered with cookies because the cookie layer is so moist! It reminds me of a cookie sandwich pie crust or graham cracker pie crust before you bake it but after you mix with melted butter. Mmm-mmm!

There are currently a dozen different flavors available. My favorites are Going Bananas, Cookies de Creme, Velvet Dreams, and Chocolate Madness. Each one comes in a cute little glass jar that you can wash and keep for food storage or even as votive candle holders!

The jars stay fresh for up to four weeks in the fridge or several months in the freezer, making them a less perishable gift than other shippable food items. And who doesn’t want a box full of pudding trifles?! This would also make a great little picnic dessert. Throw some in a lunchbox or ice chest and you’ve got a classy, portable dessert.

Pudding on Smiles Review | The Rose Table
Gabby wants some! She didn’t get any Cookies de Creme but she *might* have tasted Going Bananas.

You can order the jars online and have them shipped to you anywhere in the US. Order here. (Shipping cost varies by state.) Texans are now lucky enough to be able to find Pudding on Smiles at Central Market and Royal Blue so pick up a jar if you see one! I’m dying to try Cocoa Madness and Smile S’more so you might just see me around town pick up a jar or twelve.

Pudding on Smiles Review | The Rose Table

Tell me: which flavor would you want to try first?

Happy eating,

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Disclaimer: I received this product for a review. Opinions are my own. I don’t write about what I don’t love! 

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