Mango Margaritas

This drink is dangerous. You can hardly tell there’s alcohol in it! You guys know how little patience I have for measuring out individual cocktails for a crowd so this is a fabulous punch that feeds a crowd. I served this at my Cinco de Mayo party and the cocktails were an absolute hit!

Mango Margaritas | The Rose Table

*Technically* these are not margaritas because I used vodka instead of tequila. It’s my house after all and I don’t love tequila. Use tequila if you prefer and make it a true margarita. Or add rum and make it a mango daiquiri!

Mango Margaritas | The Rose Table
Why yes that is a sugarcane garnish!
If you’ve never had mescal before, you’re in for a treat. It adds a subtle smokiness to any cocktail that’s perfect in this drink to cut the sweetness of the pineapple juice. Find it in the tequila aisle.

Mango Margaritas
16 cups mango puree (two mango puree boxes)
6 cups pineapple juice (one large can)
6 cups vodka (or tequila, if you want to be more authentic)
2 cups mezcal
Serving suggestion: mango slices for garnish

  1. Mix all ingredients in a punch bowl and serve!


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