The Tinkerbell

Looking for a Tinkerbell drink? Try this! Inspired by Peter Pan’s sidekick, The Tinkerbell is a sparkly champagne cocktail.

I know this is a big statement, but The Tinkerbell might be my favorite Disney Dinners drink. It’s just so delicious! It’s only a few ingredients but the combination is spot on, and who doesn’t love a glittery drink?

Tinkerbell Champagne Disney Cocktail

I came up with this drink for Disney Dinners: Peter Pan and used Fancy Sprinkles Prism Powder for the pixie dust in this drink. Prism Powder is tasteless, odorless edible glitter that adds color and shine to any beverage. Since this drink was already gold (like Tinkerbell’s pixie dust!), the color isn’t that dramatic as it is when I put the Prism Powder in plain champagne but it’s still such a fun bit of Disney magic. Hopefully you can tell this drink glitters from the pictures because in person you could sure tell!

Tinkerbell Champagne Disney Cocktail

Tinkerbell Champagne Disney Cocktail

Out of every Disney character, I think Tinkerbell is the biggest mood, which is why I included bitters in this drink. Get it? I’m giggling.

Tinkerbell Champagne Disney CocktailThe Tinkerbell
1 oz lemonade
2 oz pineapple juice
Fancy Sprinkles Prism Powder in Fool’s Gold

2 oz champagne
Two dashes bitters

  1. Measure lemonade and pineapple juice into champagne glasses.
  2. Add a good pinch of prism powder to the glass. Top with champagne. Ooh and ahh as the glitter dances around!
  3. Add two dashes Angostura bitters and enjoy!

Mocktail version of The Tinkerbell: 1 oz lemonade, 2 oz pineapple juice, Prism Powder, and 2 oz ginger ale.

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Tinkerbell Disney Cocktail

Read more about Disney Dinners: Peter Pan here. Watch the episode:

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