Haunted Halloween Breakfast

Did you know you can put dry ice in juice? One of my most popular articles here on therosetable.com is How to Safely Use Dry Ice in Drinks (be sure to read that for dry ice safety tips!) so I thought you all would be interested to know about my haunted Halloween breakfast. Last Halloween, I had leftover dry ice and I thought, I wonder…. and then I had the spookiest Halloween breakfast ever!

Dry ice evaporates into thin air but if you leave it as a whole block, only breaking off the pieces you need, the remaining block can make it to breakfast the next day. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out to my garage on Halloween morning to see a good chunk of dry ice left. I chipped off a piece to add to my orange juice for a whimiscal, spooktastic breakfast. After all, “being normal is vastly overrated!”

How to Use Dry Ice in Juice

As aforementioned in my dry ice safety article, dry super chills your drink so it really is practical, not just cool looking. How delighted would kids be if you set smoking juice in front of them with spooky donuts on Halloween morning?! The smoking effect lasts for about 5-10 minutes depending on the size of dry ice. You want a pretty good hunk in there. I go for a 3-4″ hunk.

Is dry ice safe to drink? This is always the million dollar question. Dry ice goes straight from solid to gas, skipping the liquid stage and causing the dramatic smoke effect we all love. It fully evaporates, leaving your drink icy cold (often frosting the glass in the process) and perfectly safe to drink. What is NOT safe it to chew, swallow, or touch the ice itself.  Always handle dry ice with tongs, never touch it with your hands. Dry ice sinks to the bottom of the glass and immediately starts evaporating. You can see the hunk of ice. If serving to kids, tell them to enjoy the smoke. When it’s done smoking, pick up the glass and make sure the dry ice is completely evaporated. Nine out of ten times, the dry ice is totally gone. About 10% of the time, there might be a stubborn little piece that doesn’t evaporate. You can fish it out with a spoon and set it in water to finish evaporating. So yes, your drink is 100% safe to drink – just don’t consume the ice before it evaporates! Again, I highly recommend reading my Dry Ice Safety article.

How to Use Dry Ice in Juice

As for the world’s cutest donuts, these are from The Salty in Dallas. The Salty has several locations and is considered one of the best donut shops in the country. These brioche donuts will change your life. If you’re ever in town, give them a try!

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Dry Ice in Orange Juice

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