Olive Wreath

Who says you have to know how to cook to serve a killer holiday appetizer? This festive appetizer is perfect for a holiday party and it only takes about five minutes to make!

Olive Wreath | Christmas Party AppetizerOlive Wreath | Christmas Party Appetizer

For this particular wreath, I used about 1 cup of mixed Greek olives, plus an additional 1/3 cup of Kalamata olives, 1/4 cup of Pimento-stuffed olives, and about 1/3 cup of cherry tomatoes and I built the wreath on a dinner plate. You could of course make your wreath as big or as small as you’d like so I haven’t put any measurements below but that’s roughly what I did for this wreath.

Olive Wreath | Christmas Party Appetizer

Watch me build it:

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The best part is that this is a rare appetizer that can truly sit out all night long during your party. You can also make it ahead and wrap the plate in plastic wrap.

Olive Wreath | Christmas Party Appetizer
Olive Wreath
Kalamata olives
Green olives
Pimento-stuffed olives
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh rosemary

  1. Mix olives and tomatoes together, then arrange in a circle on a plate, carefully stacking a second layer on top of the first layer.
  2. Cut rosemary sprigs into 3-4 pieces each, then tuck rosemary pieces in the the olive wreath.

Watch me make it:


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Olive Wreath | Christmas Party Appetizer

Happy holidays,

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