Tex-Mex Egg Scramble

I couldn’t even count how many times I make this a year. It’s one of my favorite breakfasts! I make it often when I have leftovers chips and salsa. At first you might think, tortilla chips in scrambled eggs? Are you mad? But just trust me. It’s so good! My dear friend Eric taught me how to make this ten years ago and I’ve been making it ever since. In less than a minute, the tortilla chips completely transform and become one with the cheesy eggs, giving this dish a wonderful texture. It’s just a magical way to start your day.

Tex-Mex Egg Scramble

Sometimes I eat this with fresh avocado and tomatoes as well. Can you tell how magical the chips get in the picture? I’m swooning just thinking about it.

I’ve written this up as a single serving since that’s what I do most often but you could easily double or quadruple this recipe. I could definitely make enough for four in my medium nonstick skillet. Consider the measurements below per person and go from there. I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!
Tex-Mex Egg Scramble

Tex-Mex Egg Scramble
1 piece of thick-cut bacon
2 eggs
1/2 Tbsp half & half
Salt, pepper
1 heaping spoonful cheddar cheese

1 spoonful salsa
4-5 tortilla chips
Cilantro or flat-leaf parsley

  1. Cut bacon into lardons and fry in a nonstick skillet over medium heat until crispy.
  2. While the bacon is frying, use a fork to whisk two eggs with a splash of half and half and salt and pepper.
  3. Remove bacon with a slotted spoon and set on a paper towel. Discard excess grease from skillet. 
  4. Reduce heat to very low and add egg mixture to the same nonstick skillet, using a silicone spatula to move the eggs around as they cook. You want creamy eggs!
  5. When eggs are fully cooked (this should only take a minute or two), stir in the cheddar cheese until it melts. Stir in salsa and crumble in tortilla chips, folding in to coat. The chips quickly become married to the cheesy eggs. Transfer to a plate and top with cilantro or flat-leaf parsley. Delicious!

Watch me make it:


Happy scrambling,

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