Dino Dig Cups

The perfect dessert for your Jurassic Park party!

Dino Dig Cups | Jurassic Park Party Dessert

This easy dessert honors our favorite paleontologists, Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. I added Dinosaur Fossil Cookies to my favorite dirt pudding cups, partially burying each cookie under the cookie crumb “dirt.” Little paleontologists will have a blast brushing the crumbs away from the Dino tracks!

Dino Dig Cups | Jurassic Park Party Dessert

I used a t-rex toy to stamp the sugar cookies. You can see more photos and get the recipe here.

Die-hard Jurassic Park fans might notice that I served this dessert in the same cups made famous by the t-rex footsteps in the film. This recipe made about 12 individual cups, but you could also make this in a 9×13″ pan if you prefer, arranging the cookies on top.

Dinosaur Fossil Cookies | Jurassic Park Party Recipes

The pudding is very simple to make: first crush Oreo cookies in a food processor and whip cream. Then make instant chocolate pudding (I prefer dark chocolate pudding personally), then fold in half the Oreo crumbs and whipped cream. Top with remaining cookie crumbs and Dinosaur Fossil Cookies. That’s it!

Dino Dig Cups | Jurassic Park Party DessertDino Dig Cups | Jurassic Park Party Dessert

This is a wonderful make-ahead recipe. You can easily make the pudding and bake the cookies a day or two before your party.  I hope this is as big of a hit at your party as it was at mine!

Dino Dig Cups | Jurassic Park Party DessertDino Dig Cups
1 package regular Oreos
3 1/2 cups cold milk
2 packages Godiva Dark Chocolate instant pudding
1 1/2 cups cold whipping cream
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Dinosaur Fossil Cookies

  1. Crush chocolate sandwich cookies in a food processor.
  2. Beat whipping cream with handheld mixer until soft peaks form. Add powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Beat until firm.
  3. Pour milk into a large bowl. Add instant pudding to milk and whisk for two minutes. Stir in half of the crushed cookies. Gently fold whipped cream into pudding mixture until thoroughly incorporated.
  4. Spoon mixture into small cups or bowls. Divide remaining Oreo crumbs evenly amongst the cups. Top with Dinosaur Fossil Cookies, slightly burying each fossil cookie in the “dirt.”

Read more about my Jurassic Park party here. Watch the episode:

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