How to Make a Salami Rose

Want to up your cheese board game? Wondering I made the gorgeous salami rose seen on this cheese board? You’ve come to the right place! I was very intimidated to try this trick but let me tell you: it literally takes less than two minutes to make a stunning salami roses and impress your guests! 

How to Make a Salami RoseSalami Rose Cheese Board

Salami is one of my favorite things to include on a cheese board but it’s not very cute to have a pile of salami sitting there. A rose, however, that guests can pluck petal by petal? Incredible! All you’ll need is a pack of salami (one regular pack of salami will make one good sized rose) and a small wine glass. Here we go!

How to Make a Salami Rose

How to Make a Salami RoseSalami Rose
Genoa salami
Wine glass

  1. Fold one piece of salami over the edge of the wine glass. Grab another slice and do the same thing, partially overlapping the first piece of salami. Keep going until the entire pack is used and the center of the wine glass is filled with salami.
  2. Place your hand on top of the salami and gently flip the whole thing upside down on to the board you want to serve it on. Remove the wine glass and ooh and ahh as your salami rose is revealed.

Salami Rose Cheese Board

Salami Rose Cheese Board
You can see that this first rose I made was a little more tightly packed than the one above
How to Make a Salami Rose
Personally I like this fluffy petal look better but both are beautiful. You can watch me make this exact rose in the video above!

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