Cranberry Lemon Punch

This easy Cranberry Lemon Punch was a hit at my Winter Wonderland Christmas dinner party!

Cranberry Lemon Punch

Cranberry Lemon Punch

I accidentally came up with this delicious punch when mixing up a mocktail for my mom on Bachelor Monday. I took a sip to test it and thought, well how delicious! This punch recipe is literally a 1:1 ratio of cranberry juice and lemonade. You can drink it just like that or spike it with vodka, gin, or even champagne. Or for a sparkling mocktail, add a little ginger ale. 

Note: this recipe uses cranberry juice, NOT cranberry juice cocktail. 

The Rose Table Christmas PunchCranberry Lemon PunchCheers to Christmas punch!

This is especially lovely garnished with lemon slices, cranberries, and mint sprigs or served year-round without the cranberries for a light pool-side punch with just lemon slices and mint as a garnish. Serve over ice with more garnishes in the glass for a festive drink. I love how inviting the fragrant mint is when you pick up the glass!

Cranberry Lemon Punch

Cranberry Lemon Punch
3 cups cranberry juice 
3 cups lemonade
Optional: 1 cup vodka, champagne, or gin
Serving suggestion: lemon slices, fresh cranberries, mint sprigs

  1. Combine ingredients in a pitcher. Garnish with lemon slices, fresh cranberry, and mint sprigs.

Recipe easily doubles.

Cranberry Lemon Punch

Happy punching,

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