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Rosies, I could not be more upset to tell you this but Meta deleted my personal Facebook account and both my personal Instagram and The Rose Table’s Instagram. And yes, this is directly tied to when I was hacked on December 6, 2022. 

What does this mean?

This means I lost 15 years of personal memories including irreplaceable photos and videos of my family as well as my late horse Prince and dog Gabby. It makes me sick thinking about it. I also lost my entire personal network, admin access to The Rose Table’s Facebook page, and 8 years of Rose Table memories on Instagram, including all of my Disney Dinners stories that were saved as highlights. 

Why did they delete my accounts?

My Facebook was hacked on December 6th and the hacker posted p***ography links through my account for about one hour before getting locked out of my account. As you know, I was able to get my account back a few days later and I was told by Meta employees that my account would be cleared of everything posted by the hacker. It was not. 

What’s more is that the hacker literally stole my money, diverting thousands of dollars to a European bank with zero proof of identity. How Facebook could release funds out of the country without any proof is absolutely insane to me. And yes, I had two-step authentication on and no, I never received text messages or a chance to further secure my account. I’ve been trying for three months to get my funds back and am always told “it’s getting escalated” and “we’ve let the team know” and other placating emails that get absolutely nothing done.

I have since continued to regularly get locked out of my account. I think I’ve been locked out seven times since December. You wouldn’t know this, as I made my sister-in-law an admin of The Rose Table’s Facebook page as soon as I got it back and she continued to post for me every time I got locked out. Each time I was suspended for a few days, it would tell me what flagged my account and every single time it was a post from December 6th.

I was hysterical last month when I lost my advertising rights and ability to go live in February, still due to what the hacker posted on December 6th. As you know, I absolutely ADORE chatting with you guys live and used to go live nearly every week but haven’t been able to do so since early February. (And before that, I didn’t go live because I was basically sick for two months but that isn’t Meta’s fault.) It was a thirty day suspension and I was excited to chat with you live this weekend as soon as the suspension lifted. Unfortunately with 5 days left, my account “was reviewed” and I was slapped with a 180 day suspension.

Now I was absolutely devastated because I have LOTS of amazing Rose Table parties coming up that I wanted to go live to tell you about and certainly planned on boosting so more of my readers would see the parties. I thought this was the worst news ever but I was wrong. I woke up the next morning to news that my personal Facebook account and both of my Instagram accounts had been disabled. I appealed the decision and heard back from Meta in 8 hours with news that they denied my appeal and my accounts were being permanently deleted.

This is absolutely shocking because Meta has ample documentation that I was hacked on December 6th and has invested an enormous amount of money into The Rose Table as a creator over the years. It makes zero financial sense for them to do this to one of their creators when numerous Meta employees are fully aware that I was hacked and every strike against me is from the day I was hacked. It also makes little to no sense why The Rose Table’s Instagram account would be dragged into this when the hacker only posted spam from my personal Facebook account.

I feel absolutely gutted. Not only did I lose admin access to The Rose Table’s Facebook page, my primary social media account, not only did I lose irreplaceable memories on Instagram and every single one of my Instagram followers, but also fifteen years of my life on Facebook. I have been the biggest fan of Facebook since my brother had me sign up in 2007, regularly shouting my love for Facebook from the rooftops. When every other creator was flocking to other social media platforms in droves, I stayed and curated thousands of hours worth of content for Facebook, amassing 208,000 fans and over 30,000,000 views last year alone. I feel so betrayed. 

Where should I follow The Rose Table now?

The best thing you can do to never miss Rose Table content is to bookmark (I post new recipes here every single week!) and sign up for Rose Table emails. I’ve been really bad about sending emails, often only sending maybe 4-6 a year but I’m going to try to do at least a monthly digest.

My sister-in-law still has access to The Rose Table’s Facebook page and is posting for me so don’t unfollow it. (Shoutout by the way to my ridiculously awesome sister-in-law who literally texted me committing to posting three times a day for me basically forever. That’s really going above and beyond her SIL duties!!) Unfortunately she does not however have full admin rights and therefore cannot give my new personal account admin access, meaning I am locked out of The Rose Table’s Facebook page. I am trying to at least get Meta to right this as I have done absolutely nothing wrong at any point. The thought of getting locked out of my own company page is absolutely unbearable. 

I have launched a new Instagram account for The Rose Table: @therosetableblog. Please, please, please go follow me there. I will likely start doing lives on Instagram since I can’t access my Facebook page for lives. I will be reposting all of my Disney Dinners and praying Meta doesn’t delete that account. 

You can also follow The Rose Table on TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. I have numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to my parties! 

Long live the Rose that rose from concrete.

Where can I watch The Rose Table?

I know many of you love my parties the most. As of now, my sister-in-law will be able to continue posting on Facebook for me but I’m now living in terror that Meta will delete that page too. Please subscribe to The Rose Table on YouTube. Imagine if all 208,000 of you subscribed on YouTube. That would without a doubt save The Rose Table. I love filming these videos for you guys so much. You can find every party episode, every Disney Dinner, every cooking video on YouTube in neat and tidy playlists. 

In fact you can binge my entire Disney Dinners playlist on YouTube here, beginning with Frozen, the party that started it all:

Many of my friends suggested that I write a blog post explaining what’s going on since this is my true home online so I hope this helped clear everything up. I’ll keep you guys posted on everything but rest assured: The Rose Table will go on. Meta cannot erase my brand identity from the internet. I will not allow it. I will not stop fighting. I have spent the last eight years of my life building the magical world that is The Rose Table and no one will take that away from me.

Get excited because Disney Dinners: Indiana Jones is next follow hopefully by a Beauty and the Beast tea party. I have all sorts of exciting things planned for this year. Make sure you’re following along to see it all!

Make your own magic,

Don’t forget to follow/like The Rose Table on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Sign up for The Rose Table’s emails here.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss of outstanding content.

    1. Katie-Rose Watson Avatar
      Katie-Rose Watson

      Thank you so much. It’s heartbreaking!

  2. I don’t have a brand or network but my personal account was hacked and I lost all of my photos from 2007-2019… nothing was recovered and I still can’t link posting instagram and FB. Now my husband has been hacked and locked out too. It’s absolutely awful. I had so many memories of horses, competition videos, memories with friends and family that I will never get back. I felt your pain. Stay strong!! I am thankful I found your FB page last week. I would have been so sad otherwise. <3

    1. Katie-Rose Watson Avatar
      Katie-Rose Watson

      That’s so heartbreaking. I’m so sorry that happened to you!

  3. I’m so sorry this happened!! But you bloom wherever you are planted so I’m sure you’ll come back bigger and better than ever. 😍🙏🏽

  4. Omgosh this is terrible!
    You have worked so hard! I am so sorry this has happened to you of all people!
    Like you don’t have enough going on already this year! Thankfully, we can still see you on your new Instagram.

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