Rockwall Farmers Market Opens

Paper Bird Flower Farm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: farmers market season! There’s just something about shaking the hand of the man who made your cheese that satisfies all of my “Provincial life” dreams. Rockwall Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning from 8 to noon May-September and I miss it all winter long.  The market is better than ever this year with so many fabulous vendors. You can pick up everything from fresh produce to locally raised meat, flowers, soap, coffee, chocolates, tamales (hey! this is Texas!), and more. I even got a stunning new bougainvillea at the farmers market last week!

Farmers Market Haul
How cute is my Kings of Handmade custom tote?

Paper Bird Flower Farm

My friends at Paper Bird Flower Farm grow the most stunning lilies, Ranunculus, sunflowers, snapdragons, love-in-a-mist, zinnia, and more. The bouquet are often paired with herbs and smell fantastic. Jenna even made some dried flower wreaths for this year’s market and they’re just adorable! 

Paper Bird Flower Farm

Paper Bird Flower Farm

Ashcraft Beef

I famously featured Ashcraft in Disney Dinners: Cinderella because they’re the only people I trusted with my beef tenderloin order! Kellie is so sweet. Please tell her The Rose Table sent you when you pick up burgers, fajita meat, ribs, and more. 

Sabine Creek Honey Farm

My favorite honey! I add a sprinkle of their bee pollen to my fruit almost every day to help with my seasonal allergies. Last but certainly not least, I must insist you get some honey lemonade as soon as you arrive to sip while you shop. 

Rockwall Farmers Market

Tate Farms

If you’re blessed to be there on a day when they have bacon, get the bacon. I cannot stress this enough. It’s amazing! Their denver steak is also fabulous and the eggs are some of the most delectable you’ll ever have.

Cita’s Salsa

I can’t live without this salsa in my fridge. The mild green salsa is my favorite. It’s so flavorful, I feel like I put it on everything! 

Heath Sourdough Bread Co

Listen, I know $10 is a lot for a loaf of bread but it’s a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to San Francisco and this bread is just that good. It tastes even better than it look!


Amanida offers the most amazing Spanish products including olives, marinated artichokes, and the best balsamic vinegar you’ll ever have. If they’re sellin’ it, it’s good. 

Lost Ruby Ranch

The way I squealed when I saw this vendor! I love, love, love goat cheese but am also very picky about my goat cheese. I was offered a taste of the sundried tomato and it’s as if the world stopped and angels started singing. I stupidly only got one container (WHAT was I thinking?!) and six days later, it’s already gone. Good thing I can grab some tomorrow! 

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg! There so many amazing vendors at the Rockwall Farmers Market. See it for yourself every Saturday this summer!

Rockwall Farmers Market

Rockwall Farmers Market

Rockwall Farmers MarketRockwall Farmers MarketRockwall Farmers Market

Rockwall Farmers MarketRockwall Farmers Market

Rockwall Farmers Market

See you at the market, 

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