How to Make Napkin Roses

How to Make Napkin Roses

Looking for a quick and simple way to make napkin roses? You’ve come to the right place!

For my Beauty and the Beast Tea, I styled each place with a red satin napkin rose in teacups. It could not have been cuter and it’s very easy to do! You’ll need to have whatever glass you’re using to serve it in at the ready because the roses will fall immediately if not set in some sort of cup. 

How to Make Napkin Roses

How to Fold a Napkin RoseHow to Make Napkin Roses

Set a fork in the center of a large cloth napkin. The thinner the better! A thick, pressed napkin will be difficult to use. Start slowly twirling the fork and marvel in amazement as a fork start to form. Twirl until the rose is fully formed, then carefully pick up the rose by the sides and set in a cup, fluffing it a bit as you see fit. 


Don’t be discouraged if the first one doesn’t turn out perfectly. I probably made 10 roses to get 6 cute ones for my tea and the whole thing took me no more than five minutes.

How to Make Napkin RosesHow to Make Napkin Roses

Read more about my Beauty and the Beast Tea here. Watch the episode:

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