A Rose By Any Other Name

With a name like Katie-Rose, I was destined to become a gardener. I have eleven varieties of roses in my yard so far. I’m posting these in order of when they bloomed:

First Prize rose, backyard
Garden Party rose, backyard
Elegant Lady rose, backyard (and my blog background)
Wild Blue Yonder, frontyard
Over the Moon rose, backyard
Disneyland rose, backyard
Change of Heart rose, side yard

Roses that have not yet bloomed:

  • Merlot (red), frontyard
  • Burgundy Iceberg (dark purple/red), side yard
  • Julia Child (yellow), frontyard
  • Dream Come True (orange/pink bleeding rose), backyard

This is the first year for all of these roses. All but Disneyland were bareroot roses. (All but Garden Party and First Prize were from Jackson & Perkins.) I’ll keep you posted on the others. Burgundy Iceberg has buds and should open any day now. Dream Come True has beautiful, red-tipped foliage and should start producing buds soon.

Which of the roses that have bloomed so far is your favorite?

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  1. I love your First Prize Rose, but I also love the color of the Disneyland Rose! So pretty 🙂

    1. I was stunned when First Prize first opened. I picked it up at Home Depot for $5 and the color on the packet wasn’t nearly so bright. What a pleasant surprise! The blooms are enormous too, about 5″ in diameter. Disneyland is close to my heart since it is the official rose of the Disneyland resort. 🙂 It’s right next to Dream Come True and that is not a coincidence.

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