Antique Rose Cups + Marble Vase

I love, love, love my new antique rose cups and marble vase. Reblog if you love treasure hunting at antique shops. 🙂

I’m absolutely smitten with these antique crystal rose cups I found at my favorite antique shop in East Texas. At first my mom and I thought they were drinking glasses, but the shop owner explained that they were actually made for floating roses. I bought these months ago and hardly a day has gone by without flowers in these cups. I don’t just use them for roses, obviously, and now I have the perfect place to throw loose flowers that fall off of arrangements.
I found this marble vase at the same antique shop. It’s sturdy enough to go outside, but too pretty not to have in the house. Normally I find wide-mouthed vases frustrating to arrange but these purple flowers (how embarrassing that I’ve forgotten the name!) lay so perfectly carefree in this vase, and I love the way the purple complements the yellow placemats.


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