Warm Up With Fabulous Focaccia

When it snows (or more accurately, ices) in Dallas-Fort Worth, the metroplex shuts down. We all snuggle up with mugs of hot chocolate and don’t move until the ice melts. What was supposed to be a busy week of holiday cheer quickly became a keep-your-Jammie’s-on-until-3PM snow day. (Well, sort of. I did work, but from under the safe comfort of my duvet.)

The first thing I did when I received notification that I would be working from home? Bake focaccia. As you do, right? Bread isn’t time consuming but it does require a mid-morning outfit change and therefore isn’t something I usually get to bake during the week for lunch.


The dough came together before my coffee even finished brewing. I always set my dough on top of my washing machine after I throw a load in to help it rise. In just a couple of hours, the dough went from 4 cups to 8 and required little attention: just a transfer from the bowl to a jelly roll pan. I covered it and let it rise a couple more hours until I took a break for lunch.


The final steps of this focaccia aren’t difficult and are so worth it. This is nearly a fluffy pizza, it has so many toppings. I nearly followed this recipe to the T – quite unlike me – except I used less salt in the dough to justify cracking herbed Maine sea salt over the top just before putting it in the oven. I also used 11 Kalamata olives instead of the recommended 10. I’m a rebel like that.


Be warned: you may continue to eat focaccia for the rest of the day. You may decide not to cook chicken minestrone because you’re so consumed by focaccia land. Trust me, it’s worth it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Get the recipe: Fabulous Focaccia. Don’t forget to tweet me your finished product!

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  1. mydearbakes says:

    Yep, yep. Definitely like what I’m seeing here. Yummy! =D

    1. Happy to hear that! 🙂

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