Trader Joe’s Pizza Night

Do you ever really want to splurge on pizza but still want to be healthy? Then this recipe is for you. EVERYTHING in both the pizza and salad ingredient lists is from Trader Joe’s except for the two sea salts, which are from Maine Sea Salt Co. Special thanks to my friend Megan for rolling out the most perfectly round crust.

Cremini Mediterranean Pizza

1 fresh whole wheat crust, ready to roll
3/4 container Mediterranean Greek yogurt dip
1 10 oz. bag Cremini mushrooms
1 package sliced fresh mozzarella
Handful cherry tomatoes, sliced
Pinch garlic Maine Sea Salt
Drizzle of extra Virgin olive oil
Handful pea shoots
A pinch (or three) crispy bacon

trader joe's pizza night
My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Gabby (star of Little Gabby Books), really wanted a slice!

1) Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Roll out crust on floured surface (or if you’re not a stellar roller, have a friend over for pizza night and let him/her expertly roll it) and let rest 20 minutes while oven preheats. This is a great time to open a bottle of red (which, by the way, was also from Trader Joe’s) and start on your salad. (Recipe follows.)

2) Once crust has rested, slather on the Mediterranean spread. This tastes similar to Alfredo on a pizza but the main ingredient is yogurt. All the creaminess, none of the guilt! We used about 3/4 of the container on the pizza.

3) Masterfully arrange your toppings. First we squeezed in an entire bag of sliced Cremini mushrooms. (I love Cremini mushrooms on pizza because they’re meatier than button mushrooms.) Layer sliced fresh mozzarella on top. This will seal your mushrooms on the pizza under a layer of beautiful cheese. Add cherry tomatoes all around. Sprinkle garlic sea salt and a drizzle of extra Virgin olive oil, because that’s the Italian thing to do!

4) Bake for roughly 30 minutes. Check it every few minutes after the first 20 because cooking time will very according to your oven. Chop up a handful of pea shoots and massage in a bit of olive oil to dress them.

5) When mozzarella is bubbling and delightfully brown, pull out pizza. Sprinkle pea shoots and crispy bacon over top. Slice and serve!

Hearty Spinach-Kale Salad

Half bag baby spinach
Half bag kale
1 cup pecorino
1 avocado
Generous handful cherry tomatoes
Bacon (as much as you’d like, to be honest)
Handful cilantro (trust me)
Favorite italian dressing

healthy spinach kale salad
Photo credit: @megankathrynadams

1) Cut a bacon into lardons and cook until crispy. I used about eight strips of apple smoked bacon. Delish. Reserve about two strips worth for the pizza. (See above.)

2) Finely chop spinach and kale and put in a large bowl.

3) Cut avocado into chunks, add to bowl.

4) Slice tomatoes, add to bowl. We used a mix of cherry tomatoes and sunburst tomatoes from my garden.

5) Add obscene amount of pecorino to the bowl. Don’t skimp.

6) Grind a bit of sea salt over the salad. I love Maine Sea Salt Co’s herbed sea salt.

7) Chop cilantro, add to bowl.

8) Toss with preferred italian dressing. My friend brought over her favorite, which had basil in it. Mmm. Now you’re ready to eat!

Note: I also threw in leftover charcoal grilled chicken.

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