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Sometimes it isn’t about what you make, but how it’s served. I entertained some beloved clients this afternoon (I work in PR when I’m not taking food photos) and wanted to serve coffee and cookies during our meeting. I ended up having to work all weekend and didn’t have time to bake. Luckily I keep gourmet treats in my pantry for this very reason.

I recently took a trip to German Deli – one of my FAVORITE food markets in North Texas – where I snagged some imported German cookies. I arranged three varieties on a gorgeous tree trunk serving board along with two kinds of Enstrom candies: toffee and peppermint cookie bark.

I also decanted sugar and organic whipping cream into my Deruta serving pieces. I poured freshly-brewed coffee into china teacups and let my guests add cream and sugar to their liking.

I so often feel like I have to bake 100% of everything myself but it was quite fun to sample different kinds of high-quality cookies and candies with the coffee.

Bottom line: In a pinch, beautiful serving pieces are your friend. This would NOT have had the same festive look if I had set out a few boxes of cookies.

Happy hosting,
The Rose Table

P.S. I’m having a total moment with white carnations. They last forever and look so clean and fresh, a look I relish in after the holidays.

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