An Afternoon at Lost Oak Winery

What, pray tell, is better than an afternoon spent eating cheese, drinking fine wine, and listening to jazz? A couple years ago I joined Lost Oak Winery’s wine club to force myself to try wines I wouldn’t normally try. (I almost always go Riesling.)
Lost Oak Winery, about twenty minutes south of Fort Worth, Texas, holds regular events for members. On Saturday I took a girlfriend for wine tasting al fresco since the weather was unbelievably gorgeous.
I knew we’d get a cheese board at the vineyard to go with our wine of choice but I went ahead and packed up apples, baguette toasts, smoked oysters, and the most charming mason jars for serving the wine. Really any reason to get out my picnic basket is a good reason!2015/01/img_4410-0.jpg

Okay, so the picnic basket wasn’t completely filled with cheese board accouterments. I also whipped up a Meyer lemon loaf cake for the occasion. After all, it is January (though it’s 68 degrees in Texas) and Meyer lemons must be fully taken advantage of!
P.S. How sweet are those blue mason jars for a vino al fresco? Feel free to steal the idea. I picked those up at my local Joanne’s just a couple of months ago.
2015/01/img_4419.jpgAnyway, we sat under the pavilion and talked and laughed and ate our fill for hours while the musician scored our afternoon with a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 2015/01/img_4432.jpg
After we finished noshing, we decided to walk the vineyard grounds. 2015/01/img_4444.jpg
I adore a leisurely walk after a meal, particularly when fountains and bridges are involved. 2015/01/img_4446.jpg
My friend Katherine gets the photo credit for all of the shots of me at Lost Oak. She’s the same Katherine who built my wonderful grill table. A woman of many talents she is!2015/01/img_4465.jpgNext time it’s a beautiful day, find a local vineyard near you and open a bottle of wine with a girlfriend. It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Cheers to that,
The Rose Table2015/01/img_4461.jpg
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