New Flagstone Garden Path

Flagstone garden path

My flagstone patio has always seemed a little random. Why? Because it’s not connected to anything. I haven’t used it as much as I would like because you have to walk through the grass to get to it. Ladies in heels don’t appreciate that when they come over, especially if it’s been raining.

I decided to have a flagstone path installed to better tie my patio into the whole garden design. I expected it to be more of a straight shot but I vastly prefer the curvy design the landscape company came up with. It feels so whimsical and you know me: I love whimsical, particularly in the garden.

Flagstone garden path

This whole corner has been the ugly stepchild of my garden. I grossly ignore it compared to the rest of the yard. When I bought my house, the yard was literally grass and a fence (not including the covered patio right out the back door). I didn’t have the budget to design the backyard all at once so little by little I’ve done projects to enhance the yard. In addition to the flagstone path, I added a flower bed around my roses which I think will look quite nice once the roses fill in.

Flagstone garden path

There’s still a lot to do in this corner. I have big plans! If you buy a house with a boring backyard like I did, just know that if you keep at it little by little, you can enjoy a private oasis in just a few years. Now I find myself enjoying my flagstone patio much more often, like during my Summer Garden Party!

Flagstone Garden Path

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Gabby enjoying her backyard
Gabby enjoying her backyard

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