Champagne Rose

Are you sick of me raving about Chambord? Because I am not sick of drinking it! This two-second champagne hack is sure to impress your friends and is better than any champagne cocktail I’ve ordered at a restaurant. I hope you love this rose-hued drink as much as I do! This may very well become my signature drink.

P.S. I will likely update this post at a later date with better photos. I was too busy having a fabulous time to stage a photo shoot!

Chambord Korbel Cocktail Chambord Korbel Cocktail

Champagne Rose
1/4 oz Chambord liqueur
Korbel Champagne

  1. Pour 1/4 oz Chambord liqueur in a champagne flute. Top with Korbel 1882.
Champagne Bar | The Rose Table
Photo credit: Ally Fiesta
Popping Korbel
Photo credit: Ally Fiesta

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