Cinderella Punch

Have you ever googled punch recipes? I was horrified to see how many punch recipes have a million ingredients that require loads of steps. My long-time readers know how lazy I am at heart and when I serve punch, it’s for a ton of people and I can’t be bothered to add an ounce of this and a dash of that. I want punch recipes that involve a bottle of this and a jug of that. To me, that’s punch. It’s not practical to shake up cocktails for fifty people. So I simply spiked lemonade and tinted it blue with curaçao for my Cinderella Ball and I absolutely loved it.

Cinderella Punch with Lemonade, Vodka | The Rose Table

This is a winner. It’s not too sweet thanks to the lemonade and the curaçao gives it a lovely hint of orange. I used French vodka (Pinnacle) since Cinderella has French origins, O Organics Lemonade, and Blue Curacao. That’s it! Three ingredients. I served it in a stunning white pumpkin soup terrine for added whimsy.

Cinderella Punch with Lemonade, Vodka | The Rose Table
Jason setting up the drink table
Photo credit: Mary Batchellor Photography

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Cinderella Punch with Lemonade, Vodka | The Rose Table
Cinderella Punch
2 parts lemonade
1 part vodka
Curacao to tint to desired blue

  1. Stir chilled ingredients together in a punch bowl.

Want another punch? Get my Fairy Godmother Punch recipe here. Read more about my Cinderella Ball here. Watch the video highlights:

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