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Ten years ago, three Texas winemakers from around the state decided to open a winery in the heart of the Texas wine country, Fredericksburg. Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars came together to open 4.0 Cellars, which is known for its wine and cheese and wine and chocolate pairings.

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review

I recently had the pleasure of visiting 4.0 Cellars on a recent press trip to Stonewall Motor Lodge and I didn’t realize that Lost Oak was part of 4.0 until I was sitting in the tasting room. Before I started The Rose Table, I was a member of Lost Oak Winery! It’s located in Burleson, Texas and I used to go all the time when I lived in Fort Worth. My very first wine post was about a picnic I had at Lost Oak. I’m happy to report that their wine is just as great as I remember.

Lost Oak Winery | The Rose Table
At Lost Oak Winery four years ago

Anyway, back to 4.0 Cellars. My group enjoyed a wine and cheese tasting with Carl and I have to say: Carl at 4.0 is the best! He entertained us for over an hour with tales of his love for mac ‘n’ cheese and wine. (He has 3,500 bottles of wine at his personal cellar! Talk about goals.) We had so much fun at this tasting.

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review
Wine and cheese tasting at 4.0 Cellars

First up was the Dublin karst and Lost Oak Blanc du Bois. The pairing was so beautiful that I bought both to enjoy again in Dallas.

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review

Next up was Texas star cheese pairing with McPherson Cellars Albariño. The cheese was a bit of a swiss-cheddar hybrid and paired with the sharper wine, it had a real Texmex taste to it.

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review
With @theburmesemom

Up next was jalapeño cheddar paired with McPherson Cellars Carignan, a French Mediterranean red with very little acidity. It was so great with the spiciness of the jalapeño that I got a bottle to enjoy with gumbo. I just visited a few weeks ago and I already enjoy the bottle with my gumbo and it was one of the best wine pairings I’ve ever had in my own home. You know you’ve nailed a wine pairing when both the wine and the dish are enhanced just by being together.

Next on our pairing flight was caraway cheddar with Brennan Vineyards Protector. This was one of the most interesting cheeses I’ve ever had. It has caraway seeds in it and tastes exactly like rye bread. Now I’m not a rye fan but a lot people are so give it a try if that’s your thing!

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review

Finally we tried the redneck cheddar with Lost Oak Cabernet Sauvignon. My die-hard readers know that Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite wine. The cheddar is so creamy and amazing. I of course brought some back with me. Carl told us that the redneck cheddar is the secret to his mac ‘n’ cheese because it melts so wonderfully. You can get Carl’s famed mac ‘n’ cheese recipe here.

4.0 Cellars Fredericksburg Vineyard Review

4.0 Cellars is open seven days a week. Learn more about their signature tastings here.

Savor each sip,

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  1. Carl Hudson says:

    Thank you for the visit, great story, and kind words. It was my pleasure to host you & your group. Carl Hudson, 4.0 Cellars Wine Educator, CSW

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