Pesto Crostini

If I’ve got fresh pesto on hand, there’s a good chance I’m making crostini. I love simple foods like this and I can’t eat enough basil and tomatoes in the summertime!

Pesto Crostini Recipe

Pesto Crostini Recipe

This year I’ve got four healthy basil plants in the garden and I’ve been making homemade pesto like crazy. Paired with a bit of rubbed garlic, cherry heirloom tomatoes, a sprinkling of pine nuts, and a little asiago cheese, this is a simple crostini “recipe” that lets the pesto shine.

Pesto Crostini Recipe
Pesto Crostini
Homemade Pesto
Heirloom cherry tomatoes
Pine nuts
A little asiago or parmesan if you fancy
Fresh basil

  1. Cut bread into thick slices. Grill or toast. Rub with a garlic clove cut in half. Spread thickly with homemade pesto. Top with sliced cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of pine nuts, cheese, and basil.

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Pesto Crostini Recipe


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